Night Stalker
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Blurb: A strange knock, a shadow moving in the hall, a breath on her neck – it’s 3AM and Casey has woken up from the same reoccurring nightmare.
Sadon was there, the mystery guy she had only met in her nightmares. He looks and sounds strange and has even stranger tastes. His unhealthy obsession with Casey has kept her awake more than once – terrified to fall into his embrace as she closes her eyes.
As she drives back from work the next day, down Highway 606, she loses her way and stumbles across an old hotel. As the gate closes, she realizes she has stepped into her nightmares, but this time it’s real.
In the home of the shadow stalkers, she’s against the clock to find a way out.
She must take a step into the unknown and abandon her fears before she loses her mind in those derelict rooms like so many before her.




3 – R. L. Weeks
3.30 – William Joseph
4 – A. Maslo
4.30 – Phil Price
5 – Mandy Kim
5.30 – Lana Campbell
6 – Jessi McPherson
6.30 – Steven Evans

Night Stalker
*Death is nothing by a perfect ending to a beautiful story*
A dark fantasy romance.
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Book one in the series – Can be read as a standalone.

#mystery #paranormal #twisted #nightstalkerseries



The Enchantress by Author R. L Weeks is Coming to AUDIBLE!! More details to come Soon!!

~ Before Beauty and the Beast ~
An erotic Novella by R. L. Weeks from the award-winning series
Can be read as a standalone

Felicity is on route to Beau to marry the duke.
However, when she arrives, Alistair, the prince and heir to the throne, catches her eye. His late night disappearances and roguish attitude send Felicity down a mysterious and strange path.
When her best friend, the beautiful Anne, comes to town, everything takes a strange turn.
Felicity must decide between love or power – before it’s too late.

The beggar who cursed the beast had a bigger story than anyone could have imagined.



This is the blurb for The Last Queen 

Elise was just a teenage girl with one dream; to become a fashion designer in her hometown in Wonderland. However, she’s been lined up as one of the ladies to potentially marry the soon to be King.
Things take a strange turn as she finds herself amongst some of the craziest minds in Wonderland, all fighting to get to the top.
Elise is trapped in a world where she’s a puppet of the monarchy and her dream to become a designer has disappeared along with her family.
Find out how Elise became the most feared Queen in all the lands in The Last Queen! Out September 15th.