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The world has changed and humans are an endangered species.

After centuries of war famine and plague, a new society has risen and grown. Magical races, such as fae, vampires, magi, and weres, have joined forces to ensure everyone’s survival by creating the highest order council and the new world laws. Unfortunately, the cost of survival could be the freedom to be with someone you love.

Sidney is on the edge of womanhood. Soon she’ll accept her birth right as lady of her people, the magi of San Diego. However, she is torn between her duty and heart.

Can she have both or will she have to choose between her people or the feelings she’s kept secret for years?

They will do what they must for each other and damn the consequences.
Our New World by Desiree King
#postdystopian #paranormal #vampire
*Release Schedule July 22 5-10 pm EST
5- Desiree King
5:30- Iris Sweetwater
6- Sue Harmeling
6:30- Miranda Brock
7- Amanda Kimble – PA Marsha Wilson Black
7:30- Kathy Dinisi
8- Author R.L. Weeks
8:30- Zizi Cole
9- Cassandra Fear
9:30- H.L. Roberts 



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