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I have too many copies of the following titles. First in first served. If you click on the buylink it’s not a guarantee you’ll get the book (depends how many people are online seeing as I can’t cap the paypal button). You’ll either get an email confirming your order and delivery date or advising that I’ve run out and it’s not available. (I know, not ideal, I’m sorry!)

If you still want SIGNED paperbacks then please head HERE

If you want CHEAP paperbacks then they’re better priced on Amazon or Createspace.

Prices are still higher than I’d like but at this stage you’re getting the book for 1-2 dollars and the rest is shipping and tax cost which I can’t do much about 😦 Someone invent a way of stuffing things through my laptop 🙂

RUIN & RULE (Pure Corruption Book One)

Normal Signed Price: 

Australia: $20.00USD

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