My Review of Scarlet: Taming The Thirst (Shades of Red Book 2) by T.L. Christianson


My Review of Scarlet: Taming The Thirst (Shades of Red Book 2)

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT for CRIMSON and SCARLET This is the second book by T.L. Christanson that I have had the privilege to read. The plus is that this is the second of her series and it was AMAZING!! This book started right after Crimson ended once Emelie was infected by the Vampire Virus and Owen had been changed. We begin with Sarah who is Owens ex wife and she is still suffering from Blood Lust. We get to know who Sarah is and why she had to leave Owen and their children. We are also introduced to Karsten (Viking) who is assigned to watch and teach Sarah how to control and overcome her blood lust. Sarah who is a doctor and is trying to figure out the cure for the virus and gets a clue of where the “mad doctor” is located but she is also summoned to go her old home and old life to examine Emelie who is Owens fiance. Sarah has to face her ex husband moving on and see her children for the first time in many years. At this time Sarah has to face Owen with his new life. Sarah goes through so many emotions that is very heartbreaking and sad but she has Sten right by her side. He seems to be here knight in shining armor. When she feels upset, angry, or broken “Her Viking” is right by her side. I enjoyed this read very much. I don’t want to give anymore spoilers since the ride is great. You as a reader might have a different feeling about Sarah as a person but you will get to see why she made her decisions to leave her life and children. There is many new characters in this book and you will get to experience some tear jerking scenes and you will laugh out loud and maybe even be upset. T.L. Christianson brings each and every character to life. She will make you feel the deepest sadness and regret that some of these characters bring. The only thing I was upset about it was that it ended!! I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. Thank you T.L. for such a wonderful read!



SCARLET, Taming the Thirst ~ (Shades of Red #2)

For Crimson (Shades of Red #1)

A rogue scientist is infecting the vampire world with a deadly disease, and one woman is willing to risk it all for the cure.

❣️A must read if you like a little mystery and medicine with your paranormal romance!❣️

Dr. Sarah Shepard doesn’t let anything get in her way. She’s a renegade virologist who’s on a mission to find a cure. However, as a new vampire, her out-of-control bloodlust has ruined her marriage, taken her kids and continues to plague her at every turn.

Karsten Ingvar is an elite Danish soldier who specializes in taming new vampires. When he takes an assignment to help the prestigious Dr. Shepard, he can’t help but be fascinated and compelled by her determination and beauty.

Together, they begin to track down this madman, but the more they learn, the more questions they have.

When Karsten’s centuries-old past steps between him and Sarah, she’s forced to make an unthinkable choice between her love for the soldier and her old life.

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Crimson – Secrets and Lies of a Living Vampire (MYSTERY – MEDICINE – ROMANCE): Shades of Red: Book 1

Vampire Elizabeth was looking for a distraction when she took a job on the isolated estate of scientist Dr. Owen Bennett. Expecting him to be an eccentric old man, the Doctor, turns out to be a lot younger and sparks fly. As Liz struggles with her past and a possible future with Owen, she realizes that things around the Bennett compound aren’t quite adding up. Suspecting that Dr. Bennett might be a vampire, she begins to search for evidence. However, the more she learns, the more questions she has. To add to the mystery, the doctor’s wife has seemingly vanished, he’s tight-lipped about who they work for, and his research is kept under lock and key.

When the pieces finally come together, Elizabeth is faced with a secret that could have serious repercussions for all Moroi vampires. Could she be on the wrong side? 

Now that she’s found the second life she’s been searching for, can Elizabeth find her way through this web of secrets and lies or will they be the downfall of it all?

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