Running out of Tomorrows by Chantal Roache’

Running out of Tomorrows by Chantal Roache’
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Shaun Graham’s life is unraveling—at least that is what it
feels like. If he thought high school was difficult, his first year of college
and an iron-fisted professor challenge his wits and makes him second-guess his
goals in life. He struggles with meeting the expectations of his family, his
responsibilities of attending school, and his own needs, when he meets someone
who has captured his interest and further diverts his fragile attention.
He finally reaches a point when he decides to put his own
needs in front of everything else. Will his decision mean he has to abandon
everything he knows and loves?
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About the Author:

Chantal Roache is a pushover for great entertainment, so it was no surprise when she found the love of her life: writing. At the young age of six, she found her passion; though there were some bumps along the way, she stuck to it. She currently specializes in New Adult/Young Adult with an emphasis on Romance and Sci-Fi. Writing allows her to use her creative imagination and set free the stories in her mind.

Sticking her head in books is what initially ignited the passion inside of her, but also hearing her mom’s voice when she was younger saying, “READ BIGGER BOOKS!” was the fuel that helped the fire rage on. In essence, she really has her mother to thank for this itch; though, she would probably like to refute ever making her a book nerd.

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Twitter: @AuthorChantalR
Instagram: @authorchantalroache