1. What was the inspiration behind this story?

Mulaney first came on the pages of her brother Stone’s book, Three Dates, and intrigued us from the moment we met. We had to know what her story was. And then she introduced us to Easton and we were smitten.




2. Tell us about your main character.

Mulaney is feisty and brash, sometimes too much so. But she loves her family more than anything. She’s conquered a man’s world in the energy industry which only toughened her already steel exterior. Inside, she’s more vulnerable than even she knows.

Easton is the kind of guy you want to spend forever with. He’s loyal and persistent, yet patient. And he’s incredibly kind without being a pushover.


3. Which is your favorite minor character and why?

Miss Ruby isn’t really minor (Once you meet her, you’ll understand what we mean ☺). Mulaney’s grandmama makes us laugh so hard. She has a way of putting things in perspective like no one else.


4. What is your favorite personality trait of your main character?

How fiercely Mulaney loves.

Easton is patient and unafraid to go after what he wants.


5. What is your favorite personality trait of your bad guy/girl?

There’s more to them than meets the eye…and that’s all we’ll say about it right now. 😉




6. I’m inviting your main character to dinner. What should I make?

Steak, baked potatoes, fried okra, rolls, and red velvet cake. She’ll bring the whiskey.


7. Were you surprised by the behavior of any of your characters or the direction of your plot at any point while writing?

Many times. Mulaney isn’t really the mothering type, but the moments she has with her niece showed us a side of her rarely seen.


8. Please share a few favorite lines or one paragraph.

“Easton. I swear, I’m going to knock you on your ass.”

“You already have.”

9. How long did it take you to write this book?

Hmm… that’s not an easy question to answer. The first draft, maybe two months. But from then to the final book, a couple years.




10. If your book was made into a movie, who would you like to play the lead characters?

Jessica Chastain and Gerard Butler


11. How did you come up with the title?

It’s Easton’s nickname for Mulaney.


12. Tell us about your cover art and how it pertains to your story.

Our designer Hang Le is a master. She took our vision and made it reality. We’re suckers for men in suits and this cover fits Easton perfectly.


13. Of all the books out there, why should readers choose this one? (What makes your book stand out from the rest?)

This isn’t your typical romance. It’s friends-to-lovers and workplace, but these characters are in their late thirties and early forties so they’ve experienced life. And while they’re still learning new things about themselves, they’re in a different place in life than a lot of characters in other stories. AND when our editor tells us there were things that happened that she didn’t see coming, that’s always a great thing!




 14. Is there an underlying theme in your book? If so, tell us about it and why/if it’s important to you.

Family is a critical piece to every book we write and it comes in all shapes and forms, not just defined by blood. Another theme is facing the things that frighten you most. Sometimes when you’re vulnerable, you get hurt. And sometimes the reward is greater than you expected.


15. Fiction can often provide powerful life lessons. What message do you hope readers get from your book?

We hope readers think about facing their fears and find the courage to go after what they want, even if it isn’t easy. We learned a lot from Mulaney and Easton about speaking our minds. It’s okay to stand up for yourself and the people you love.




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