Pre-order Now! CARMINE- SHADES OF RED- BOOK 4 by T.L. Christianson

CARMINE- SHADES OF RED- BOOK 4 by T.L. Christianson





Are vampires real? And given the choice…would you choose to turn?

Vampires are the last thing nurse Sofia should be worried about. She’s working two jobs and struggling to care for her ailing mom. However, her patient, 98-year-old Mrs. Shaposhnikov, is convinced vampires exist and continually talks about them to anyone who will listen.

Sofia’s troubled by the stories, but dismisses them until her patient’s family visits from Russia. Among the visitors is tall, dark, and handsome Alexei – Mrs. S’s grandson and the man who hired Sofia. Having gotten to know him through email, she can’t help but be drawn to the foreigner. However, his superstitious beliefs and behaviors give her pause to pursue something more serious.

After the family returns to Russia, Sofia’s patient begins changing drastically for the better. The once feeble and weak old lady seems to be getting younger and stronger by the day. Is there a reasonable explanation for this, or do vampires really exist? Can Sofia and Alexei find a way together, or will their lives lead them in separate direction.





“I’ve found that I can out-drink and out-smoke my grandson now.”

Alexei laughed at his grandmother and nearly fell to the floor. His face was flushed, and his silver eyes glazed.
“Are you drunk?” I asked him, gathering up the bottles. “Are you serious? You’re supposed to be watching out for her, not trying to kill her.”
He smirked and wagged a finger at me, his accent thick as the smoke in the room. “You’re so adorable, like a little doll. I just want to kiss you.”
Alexei leaned forward, and I pushed him back with one hand. Sinking into the wooden chair, he laughed and tried to light another cigarette. His poor coordination thwarted him, and he finally gave up.
Shaking my head, I turned to my patient. “Mrs. S? Are you drunk also? You should not be smoking, let alone drinking while on medication.”
“Solnyshko, I’m not drunk at all,” she told me soberly. However, her breath told its own story.
Alexei tried to stand, and this time he did fall to the floor, knocking over more bottles. Both Russians erupted into laughter.
I chased down the last few empties and set them on the kitchen counter.
“You have got to be kidding me.” Bending down, I helped the muscle-bound bounty hunter to his unsteady feet. “You,” I poked him in the chest, “Are going straight to bed.”