Kain by KR Ruth

Title: Kain
Series: Immortal Mackays
Author: K.R. Ruth
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: September 3, 2019


My unannounced marriage…felt like a deep void.
Felt like an open wound rubbed with sandpaper.
Felt like shards of glass shoved brutally beneath my throat.
Because after exchanging our wedding bands, I was questioned and kissed, kissed and questioned by Kain Riordan right there at the altar.
Who would be asking such disturbing questions to his lawfully wedded wife?
Kain would.
Also, I think I just fell for him right there in his arms.
Besides that, I realized it was way too late, especially when fate brought the cracked-up voice to life, from my past.
I was torn between love and fate!
And I was about to choose.
Love was my weapon.
Fate was my battlefield.











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