Hot as Sin by Molly Sloan

Release Date: August 8, 2019


We were destined to be childhood sweethearts, but that was stolen from us. Ava Our parents were friends. But when my mother and father were killed in a fire, Caleb’s mother took him out of Cuba to keep him safe: fatefully handing him over to a family with a billion-dollar fortune. Now he’s back to find the parents he never knew and collect the billions he’s due. That is, until he meets me. He thinks he needs to protect me, but I don’t need him or his money. I’ve built a successful life from the ground up. He’s hot as sin and our chemistry is powerful, but so are my enemies. Caleb When my Dad dies, I discover I was adopted. In order to get my part of his estate, I must go back to the country I came from and make it better somehow. In Cuba, I find my bio-Dad and then I meet the one – Ava. Years ago, my father became her guardian angel when her parents were killed. She’s a ball-buster. Built like a brick house – all curves and bags of confidence. She’s done well, despite the communists. She doesn’t need my money, but she needs my protection. The forces trying to keep us apart are putting her in danger and I’ll be damned if they touch her. She is meant to be mine and I’m taking her.



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About the Author

Molly Sloan is a second generation Irish American who traded her early modeling career for a career in public relations. After 10 years developing business strategy, branding and crisis communication for some of the world’s largest companies, she is living her dream of being a writer. “I love the psychological motivation behind the characters and exploring the emotional and intimate sides of relationships,” says Molly, “my books are an escape, I hope readers think so too. Every book is a standalone story with a happy ever after ending.” Molly lives in Oregon with her hot husband of 20 years and her little black kitty.

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