The Traitor by India Kells is LIVE!




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He sold his soul to the devil, now he’s a traitor seeking redemption…

Spencer Knox was forced to leave his whole world behind when he betrayed his boss. After years of hiding in the dark shadows of the underworld and doing unspeakable things, Knox finally took a stand for what was right, and it cost him everything. As the new owner of a mechanic shop in a quaint little town, all he wants is to live a normal life in his new mountain hideaway and redeem himself from past mistakes.

But life has a way of sending you back into hell when you least expect it…
Then he sees Josie Baird, the most mysterious and beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She was far too young and innocent to get mixed up with someone like him so he stays away, determined to keep Josie from his darkness, not wanting to drag her down with him. Things change though when a friend from his past arrives in town. His protective instincts are out in force and there is no way he can keep his distance from Josie now, even if it means being drawn into an unlikely threesome that will break all the rules he set for himself in his new life.

Will Knox let his regrets swallow him whole or will he dare to dream for something more, something unexpected, something a traitor doesn’t deserve?