Death by C.M. Radcliff is now live!!


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Death by C.M. Radcliff is now live!!


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Surrounded by violence and hatred, I was born with a target on my back.

The monsters sought after me, slowly tainting my soul.

A person can only withstand so much before they snap.

I’m a grenade and they pulled the pin.

Tick, tock; the clock’s running out.



We all come into this world, sentenced to death.

And when he calls, we have to answer.

As for me, I’ll be making the calls.

I am Death.


This is NOT a ROMANCE. This is dark, depraved, and is intended for a mature audience 18+.

🖤 C.M. Radcliff lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two demon children. Known as the Psycho Queen, she speaks fluent sarcasm, dark humor, and has the mouth of a sailor. If she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably on an adventure with her little family. 🖤




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