Hot as Sin by Molly Sloan

Release Date: August 7, 2019



We were destined to be childhood sweethearts, but that was stolen from us.


Our parents were friends. But when my mother and father were killed in a fire, Caleb’s mother took him out of Cuba to keep him safe: fatefully handing him over to a family with a billion-dollar fortune.

Now he’s back to find the parents he never knew and collect the billions he’s due. That is, until he meets me. He thinks he needs to protect me, but I don’t need him or his money. I’ve built a successful life from the ground up. He’s hot as sin and our chemistry is powerful, but so are my enemies.


When my Dad dies, I discover I was adopted. In order to get my part of his estate, I must go back to the country I came from and make it better somehow. In Cuba, I find my bio-Dad and then I meet the one – Ava.

Years ago, my father became her guardian angel when her parents were killed. She’s a ball-buster. Built like a brick house – all curves and bags of confidence. She’s done well, despite the communists. She doesn’t need my money, but she needs my protection. The forces trying to keep us apart are putting her in danger and I’ll be damned if they touch her. She is meant to be mine and I’m taking her.




The bass was thumping audibly as they drove by the club. The large pink and green sign illuminated the street below, leaving the words Bobo Flamingo’s reflected in the puddles. Despite the rain, the line of people waiting to get in stretched around the building.

“Looks pretty busy tonight, Ramon. Maybe we’d have better luck on a different night.” Caleb had no desire to stand in a long line in the rain just to get inside some loud club.

“No worries, mijo. It’ll be fine.” Ramon pulled his car up to the valet, who said, “Nice to see you again, Mr. Diaz” as Ramon gave him the key.

Looking at the older man, Caleb grinned. “You weren’t kidding when you said you come here a lot, were you?”

Ramon just smiled and said, “Come on. I’ll introduce you to Joey.”
Caleb started to head toward the back of the line and Ramon asked, “Where are going?” “To the end of the line? We can’t cut in front of all these people.”
Laughing heartily, Ramon said, “Caleb. I’m part-owner of the club.”

Leaving Caleb standing there with his jaw dropped, Ramon headed toward the front door. Ramon patted Joey on the shoulder as he walked up to the entrance.

“Joey, this is my son. Caleb, this is Joey Perez. He’s the bar manager, but sometimes he plays bouncer too.”

Caleb could see why. Joey was built like a truck, with biceps the size of cantaloupes. “Nice to meet you.”

Surprise registered on Joey’s face, but he made it a practice not to ask too many questions of the people at work.

“Is Ava in?” Ramon asked.

“She is. Check the kitchen.” Joey unhooked the velvet rope that had the entrance to the club blocked off. Following Ramon in, Caleb was impressed at what he saw.

Despite the funny name, the interior of Bobo Flamingo’s was first class. Laser lights were spinning, illuminating the smoke with pink and green beams.

Someone was handing out pink and green lollipops, and Ramon grabbed two and gave Caleb one.

They walked by a waitress handing out tequila shots, and Ramon grabbed two of those as well. Shouting over the music, he said, “Here, mijo.”

Raising the shot glasses, they toasted each other, as they made their way to the back of the club. Caleb figured they were heading toward the kitchen to find this Ava person.

Watching his father shake hands and embrace people as they walked around the club, Caleb couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Ramon had seemed like a typical retired person at first, having late breakfasts and early dinners. But, considering that Ramon was only in his mid-fifties, it was clear he wasn’t winding down his life in any way. Suddenly, the music stopped, and a woman came on stage

as the dancers walked off. The pink and green lights turned toward her, and in the microphone, the woman said to the crowd, “Welcome to Bobo Flamingo’s!”

The crowd erupted in cheers. “How is everyone doing tonight?” More cheers.

“Thank you, guys, for coming out in the rain. We are from Havana and who doesn’t love to get a little wet, right?” The crowd went wild.

“As you’ve probably heard, our resident star Michele Luna had a bit of a personal tragedy this week, and so twenty-five percent of all drinks and food are going to the Mario Luna recovery fund. So, I want you to eat and drink up. We’ve got a drink special, called Luna-C that our bartender Mariah created just for this week!”

At this, the spotlight went over to the bar, and Mariah waved at everyone. The crowd cheered again. “Okay. Back to the music. Everybody give it up for our Havana-Famous Flamingo’s Dancers!”

The woman made her way off the stage and headed to the rear of the room. Ramon grabbed Caleb’s sleeve and said, “Come on. This way.”

It dawned on Caleb that the woman on stage was Ava. She was the one Ramon wanted him to meet.

They slipped in the door to the kitchen, and Ava was talking to a man wearing a white headband and a white chef’s jacket.

“Asegúrate de que haya suficientes Torticas de Moron.”
She grabbed one of the traditional cookies and tasted one. “Son deliciosos.”

Sensing their presence, Ava turned around. “Ramon!” She rushed over to him and kissed him on both cheeks. “Amigo, como estas?”

Smiling and looking at her fondly, he answered, in English, “I am well. I have someone I’d like you to meet.”

Turning to Caleb he started to say, “This is my son.” But before he could get it out, Ava exclaimed, “This is your son! I would know him anywhere. He looks just like you.”

Facing Caleb, Ava looked at him and smiled and said, “I am having flashbacks now to when I was a little girl. You look exactly as your father did when I met him.”

Caleb stood there like a fool in stunned silence. Who was this gorgeous, mysterious woman Ava who had known his father since she was a little girl?

How did they come to be in business together? So many questions, but no time for answers. Caleb opened his mouth to say hello, but before the words came out, someone opened the door and said,

“Miss Martinez. There’s a call for you on the house phone.”
Kissing Ramon again, she said, “I have to go. But stop by my office before you leave.

And, make sure Caleb gets some of these cookies. And a shot of Luna-C.” Blowing a little kiss and waving goodbye as she raced off, she said, “Te Amo, Amigo!”



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Molly Sloan is a second generation Irish American who traded her early modeling career for a career in public relations. After 10 years developing business strategy, branding and crisis communication for some of the world’s largest companies, she is living her dream of being a writer. “I love the psychological motivation behind the characters and exploring the emotional and intimate sides of relationships,” says Molly, “my books are an escape, I hope readers think so too. Every book is a standalone story with a happy ever after ending.” Molly lives in Oregon with her hot husband of 20 years and her little black kitty.

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