The Beast of Bondi Beach Duet

The Beast of Bondi Beach Duet


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They say that monsters are created not born, but what if it’s both?

There are some that had a hand in what I’ve become, and when the time comes, those sins will have to be atoned for.

I’ve spent most of my days focusing on my true potential—honing my skills and learning from the small mistakes I’ve made in the past. It’s only recently that I’ve come to find her and I know she can be my match if given the opportunity to become a beast like me.

And that’s why I know that the time has come to take her.

To steal her away from her mundane and lonely life.

To make her a monster.

To show her what we can be capable of together.
I’ll mold her as I once was, and she’ll thank me for it in the end, because sometimes, the end is all one can hope for—no matter how much it can be denied.

The end is what brings the soul full circle, and I for one, long to feel complete.

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