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Tales of Trafficking for the dearly depraved.
A dark anthology

πŸ”₯ Stealing Virtue:

Eight authors come together to bring you a collection of dark and deviant tales based on human trafficking. Do you dare to test your ability to survive the depths of depravity that the mind can sink when all bets are off?

Sail the high seas with Black Jack and attempt to survive long enough to bear witness to the unnerving moments to come. Run Rabbit Run from the Sellers as they Harvest the secrets hidden in the Carbon mines. Walk the streets with Fancy and attempt to tell The Difference Between what’s real and what’s a lie. Engage in The Last Dance for the somber encore before the world fades away from your very eyes.

Stealing Virtue: Tales of Trafficking for the dearly depraved.




Authors include:
Michelle Pace β˜… Perry Lovell β˜… Michelle Brown β˜… Yolanda Olson β˜… Ashleigh Giannoccaro β˜… Emery LeeAnn β˜… Kailee Samuels β˜… James Crow

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