Buried Secrets by Kate Anslinger

Release Date: June 19, 2019

Cover Reveal: Maria Aiello


Grace McKenna has a gift. When she looks into the eyes of criminals, she is inundated with glimpses of their crimes. A tortured woman, a drowning man, a frightened child. Being a small town police officer, she is forced to solve these cryptic cases on her own, maintaining secrecy while using her detective skills to obtain clues along the way. In Buried Secrets, Grace welcomes you back into her world as she tries to piece together another crime in Bridgeton, Massachusetts. When Grace responds to a routine call, she meets Miriam Caverly, an older woman with a past that is less than mundane. Alongside her boyfriend and ex-cop, Mark Connolly, Grace is thrown into a tangle of town secrets that force her to step outside the town’s boundaries for answers that she is scared to face. A town drunk with a bitter past, a well-intentioned family strapped with the burden of a tragedy, and a lineup of memorable characters, make Buried Secrets an intense page-turner that follows The Gift in a perfectly aligned chain of events.


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About the Author

Kate Anslinger is the author of the McKenna Mystery novels, a series that follows Detective Grace McKenna on her spree of secretly solving crimes with the help of her gift to see clues in the eyes of criminals. In addition to her life as a novelist, Kate is a journalist, freelance writer and a veteran of the United States Air Force. Her debut novel Saving Jason, touches upon the struggles of PTSD, a topic that is near and dear to her heart. Kate lives in a sleepy beach town outside of Boston with her husband, two daughters and Newfoundland pup.

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