Promise Me Always (Always Series: Book Three) by Lindsay Becs


Promise Me Always
(Always Series: Book Three)
Lindsay Becs


Promise Me Always (Always Series: Book Three) by Lindsay Becs is LIVE!!

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Promise Me Always (Always Series: Book Three):





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Promise Me Always (Always Series: Book Three)


Walls.  I have built them high to protect myself.  I had to.  I got tired of being hurt and having my heart shattered.  Brick by brick, I toughened myself, hardened on the outside.  I don’t show affection, I don’t smile or laugh easily, but I can still hurt. 

My family are the only people I let in and truly see me. But I left them to chase my dreams.  I’m not here to make friends; I simply want to do the job I was hired to do.  To model. 

But now, the new racer for Royal King doesn’t seem to take a hint.  Why won’t he just leave me alone?  And more than that, why do I seem to become so undone every time he’s around?

Walls.  He’s breaking them down one by one.  And I’m letting him.  It feels good to give him my coveted smiles.  Just please, don’t hurt my heart…


My passion.  I left my life in England to follow my passion: racing motorcycles.  I’m keeping my focus and my eye on the prize.  Not just because I want it, can taste it even, but because my dad owns the company.  It’s his name and reputation on the line as much as mine, and I can’t let either of us down.  “Be smart.  Be wise.  Then, be fast.”

The moment I see the fire in her eyes, I know I want to catch fire with her.  I’ll earn every smile I can get from her.  She’s my good luck charm now.  She’s who I want to see when I cross the finish line.  It doesn’t feel right when she’s not there, but she keeps pushing me away.

I’m here to do a job.  I can’t afford to lose sight of that.  I can’t let her interfere with my passion and my dreams.  I can’t focus on the fact that she isn’t here.  I need to win this.  I need to win it all.  Including her…


Lindsay Becs has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and a fun hobby.  Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published her first book in 2017.  Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing.  Tragically beautiful love stories are what she enjoys writing most, but who knows what the future will hold.

Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, and never goes far without coffee first.  She wishes fall lasted all year long, and peanut M&M’s are her writing fuel.  She is from the Buckeye state of Ohio but is privileged to have lived all over the world with her military husband, their three crazies, and eight-year-old puppy.

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