Coming in 2 Days!!!


Coming in 2 Days!!!

Be still my heart! The Pieces that Built Him Release Day Countdown has begun!

Get Ready for Ben Oxley Coming April 26th

“There’s suspense and betrayal and steamy passion all packed into a great story. Definitely recommend!” -Goodreads Reviewer

Blurb:  The Pieces that Built Him

The world was at my fingertips and I lost it, leaving my heart shattered as everything slipped through my fingers. But I had to let it all go. In truth, I am my own worst enemy.

Revenge was the only thing I cared about until her. It consumed me. It also pushed the only good thing I had away.

Now I’m fighting for the life of the woman I love, all because of a past I wouldn’t walk away from. Like I said, I’m my own worst enemy. The pieces I’m made of are bent, broken, and sharp. I cut everyone I love. But I won’t lose her.

Her life is on the line, and I’m going to save her like she saved me…

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*****Pre-order is not available on Amazon, but will be available on Release Day April 26th*****


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