Forbidden Passion by Sea Hardt

Forbidden Passion
Sea Hardt
Publication date: October 20th 2018
Genres: Erotica, Romance

During Sara’s journey of passionate self-discovery, she meets two gorgeous men, Franco and Jayden.

In the midst of her sensual adventures, she is torn between her two lovers, but before she has the chance to make a choice they both slip away.

Eventually, their paths cross again but now Sara’s passion has turned to bitterness and she’s hell-bent on revenge.

Will she fulfill her vendetta or will her heart choose love?

Looking back and thinking of where I came from and what I now became, is something I never in a million years would have conceived possible. Growing up in a quiet town where everyone knew each other was a blissful and a sheltered life. 

My parents had instilled in me strong morals and an urgent need to save myself for marriage. I was, to say the least, a good girl.  

My body matured early into something that kept most boys and men taking a second and even a third sneaky look at my well-formed breasts and slim waistline. For my age, I was tall. My parents kept trying to dress me in long and loose clothing and whatever else concealed my premature beauty. 

I remember with my first boyfriend, it was all very civilized. Holding hands was electrifying enough due to my naivety. Despite his constant advances to escalate our relationship into something more physical, I kept denying him although, in all honesty, I had a fire of my own that was raging between my legs and it took a very strong will to resist.  

He was a plain looking boy but had a very masculine build. He was in the school wrestling team and it showed on him. Every muscle vibrated and twitched. Just my type back then. When he was close to me, his scent was intoxicating. Almost spell-bounding. He always wore a plain shirt revealing his athletic build. I don’t blame him but as if constantly followed by an angel, a voice reminded me to save myself for the long run. I was young, uncertain about so much and this boy only added to my confusion. 


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Author Bio:

Sea Hardt lives in a cottage on the stunning island of Cyprus surrounded by the mediterranean waters. The gods have been kind to Sea and have graced her with a happy marriage complete with two boys. She has a plethora of interests including foraging second-hand bookshops for poetry and any other books she can curl up on the couch with a glass of red wine. With the support of her husband, she finds great fulfillment in writing steamy romance novels.

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