Cover Reveal- LOVE YOU TO DEATH by Rebecca Garcia

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Cover Reveal 
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Title: Love you to Death
Tagline: Woman scorned or cold blooded killer?
Genre: Crime Thriller
Author: Rebecca Garcia
Release Date: June 1st, 2019
Standalone full-length novel


A woman scorned or cold-blooded murderer?

Sophia has always been the bitch no one liked. The one who other women kept their husbands away from. The girl who was never trusted as a child and held far too many secrets as an adult. Her therapist thinks she has Borderline Personality Disorder. Everyone but her mother thinks she’s a cold-blooded murderer. Are the stories true? Or is accused killer, Sophia Rodriguez, telling the truth?

The murder case is taking place and her testimony against the one she loved the most may be the only thing that can keep her alive.
She hated Hannah. But she never would have killed her. Sure, she had thought about it. She even went as far as to plan ways to get Hannah away from James, but she wasn’t a killer. She couldn’t be.


Two years ago, Hannah met James in a whirlwind romance. They eloped within six short weeks of knowing each other—only one of them survived. Hannah, a small-town girl from Oregon, leaves her family home and the pain of her past behind to live with her new husband James in Gruen, Texas.
She meets Sophia, the only one amongst James’s friends and family that Hannah really likes. As Sophia is invited back into James’s life by Hannah, unbeknown of James and Sophia’s gritty past, everything takes a turn for the worst.
Their paper-perfect marriage is quickly shattered by his friends and family who all hold their own secrets that will push Hannah closer to the person who wants her out of the picture.

No one is safe when love is entrapped with a delusion that will cross the lines of humanity.