Coming Soon VULTURES by Yolanda Olson

🖤⛧❤Vultures ❤⛧🖤

Coming 03.19.19



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The … Beatrix

It’s getting closer and the time for change is now.

He thinks I don’t know his plan with all of this, but he’s not as smart as he seems.
I’ve watched him long enough—dealt with how high in esteem he holds himself, and that will be his downfall.

He won’t hurt us.

He can’t hurt us.

The winds are starting to shift in my favor, and I’ll make him beg for a mercy he won’t receive.

The … Lakyn

Stupid kids.

Both of them.

They think they’re so brilliant, that I don’t know that they’ve been plotting against me since we took to the road, but I’ve got a little weapon that neither of them are even aware of yet.

The little perfect princess thinks that when we reach the end, it’ll be over.
But for me?

That’s when the fun will finally begin.

The … Ichabod

I’m torn in two.

My loyalty for Beatrix is unshakable, but Lakyn …

He’s starting to make me feel wanted—truly wanted, and he’s helping me stand on my own two feet. I love Bea, but she’s never done this for me before.

He’s opening my eyes to how she only thinks for herself and how the world will crumble beneath her heel when she snuffs out another life over her birthday candles.

But will it be mine?

Am I the one thing standing in her way of everything she’s ever wanted?