Punish by Olivia Ryann



Title: Punish

Series: Protect #2

Author: Olivia Ryann
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: January 22, 2019


Stolen and abducted… yet in the same stroke, saved.
On one hand, I escaped certain death at the hands of people
who have already hurt me.
On the other, now I’m trapped with him.
The rival of my abuser, who is every bit as terrifying. Dark
and sinfully handsome, he wants me.
He wants me to turn my back on the religion that has raised
He wants me to spread my legs for him and him alone.
He wants to punish me. He wants to teach me to like his
Or else he’ll kill my little sister and turn me over to the
men who controlled me before.
Either way, I will have to make sacrifices. Sacrifices that
have lasting consequences.
I walk on the knife’s edge between falling prey again and
completely losing myself.
And if I’m not careful, I may end up worse than dead…


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His lips brush my ear, his teeth touching the cartilage. Not
biting, but just so close. “You will scream my name and beg me for my cock. You
will fall from grace. Not only that, you’ll luxuriate in living with me, in the
Then he kisses my neck, his firm lips finding my pulse
point. He sucks at the skin, forcing his body against mine. He is so rough,
surely he will leave a mark.
 And I’m frozen, unable to move.
Thinking, not again. I can’t take it if another man does
what Father Derrik does to me. I confessed because it’s what Father Derrik said
that God wanted from me…
But where is God now?
Nowhere to be found, especially not within Dryas. 
Dryas lets me go all the sudden. I’m forced to catch myself
as I stumble a bit, righting my balance. I look at Dryas, my expression
“You shouldn’t do that.”
He grins. “What? I shouldn’t make you fall in love with me?”
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Author Bio
Olivia Ryann is the dark romance pen name of Wall Street
Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Top 20 Bestseller Vivian Wood. She loves poetic
phrases and bits of melodic memories. She adores dominant, hard men and soft,
fragile women with backbones made of steel. She wants to put them together as
often as possible, in unconventional ways.


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