Sourpuss by Merricat Mulwray

Merricat Mulwray
Publication date: January 20th 2019
Genres: Comedy, Contemporary, New Adult

Sourpuss is a blistering satire of the depraved and entitled culture that pervades college campuses.

Mallory Wahl loathes the campus party scene . . .

She’s sprinting through her senior year obsessed with winning a spot on the US Olympic track team. But she runs straight into a hurdle in the form of fraternity president Graham Patterson, an intern assigned to help her recover from an injury – one she blames on him.

Once Graham’s therapies begin to work, Mallory pretends to fall in love but traps herself in her own scheme and tailspins deep into his debauched world. When a scandal erupts which threatens to shatter her Olympic dreams once and for all, Mallory must finally face the dark truth she’s been running from since freshman year.

In the style of a ’90s dark comedy flick, Merricat Mulwray’s debut brings an insightful and humorous perspective to the reckless behavior college students perpetually get away with. Mallory, herself a flawed heroine, is backed by a self-serving cast of athletes, party girls, townies, and fraternity brothers so hilariously dark that the book will leave you wondering if anyone ever gets what they deserve.

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Author Bio:

Merricat Mulwray is the collaboration of two sisters. They live in Los Angeles where they hatch plans and develop schemes, sometimes these turn into novels.

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  1. Christmas tree falling down repeatedly while watching Jurassic Park on VHS.
  2. Getting exactly what I wanted one year, a pager!
  3. Making Christmas ornaments with my family.
  4. Getting to go home after being away for extended periods of time.
  5. Walking through woods in the snow in the moonlight Christmas night.
  6. Playing tag football in the snow with childhood friends
  7. A friend’s mothers living room, she really knew how to deck the halls.
  8. Being trapped inside during the blizzard of the century and surviving on leftover Halloween candy.
  9. Watching my son try to crawl near the Christmas tree.
  10. Dressing up my Chihuahua as Santa, he ended up eating the beard.




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