Medusa: The Wronged (Gods & Monsters Book 1) by JJ King

Medusa: The Wronged (Gods & Monsters Book 1) by JJ King


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In the darkness, she became the monster.

Em’s very existence is a lie. According to history, or mythology, she died at the hands of Perseus, a monster defeated by a hero. Only, she’s not dead, and now her sister Eury is in trouble in the one place Em’s vowed to never set foot on again.

Everything she thought was true was a lie. After freeing their parents from an underwater prison, Eury is struck down by a deadly poison and there’s only one person in the world that can stop its fatal blow, the goddess responsible for the curse, the one that damned Em and her sisters for eternity, Athena.

The path to Olympus is littered with casualties, some of which belong to her, but Em won’t let her sister become one of them. Even if that means working with the god that stole her heart then abandoned her for eons. Only, what if that was a lie, too?

Saving her sister might mean losing herself to the darkness she’s spent lifetimes pushing away and trusting Poseidon might mean losing her heart. Will it take a monster to defeat a goddess?

Meet monsters and gods like you’ve never seen before in this reverse Greek mythology by Bestselling Author JJ King!