Reckless Deceptions by Karen Rock

Reckless Deceptions
Karen Rock
(Dallas After Dark)
Publication date: December 18th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense



Erica Keeley has always been willing to break the rules to catch a criminal, until her unorthodox tactics get her booted from the CIA and betrayed by the man she trusted. Now, gone rogue to stop a terrorist group, she’s working undercover at Dallas’s top male strip and burlesque club, dancing alongside sexy, sculpted men. Not that any of her co-workers give her the adrenaline rush she got from her former life. Erica hits the jackpot when she overhears her targets discussing a homegrown terrorist plot. But her last shot at redemption means getting up close and personal with her traitorous ex.

Control is what CIA officer David Arnell values above all things. Yet he was irresistibly drawn to Erica’s impulsive, uninhibited nature in the field—and in bed—until her bull-headed tactics risked the agency’s mission. Teaming up to stop a deadly attack, he’s falling again for this spontaneous, high-octane woman. And with Erica’s ties to the terrorists proving closer than either of them expected, the riskiest mission of all might be this second chance at love . . .

“A highly entertaining and cohesive suspense novel with an emotionally satisfying romance that will keep readers glued to the page.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars onDangerous Moves

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Author Bio:

Award-winning author Karen Rock is both sweet & spicy—at least when it comes to her writing! The author of YA and adult contemporary books writes spicy suspense and small-town romances. A big believer in Happily-Ever-After, Karen loves creating unforgettable stories that leave her readers smiling. Karen is an avid reader and baker who loves having the Adirondack Park as her backyard, where she lives with her husband and daughter who make her life complete.

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Question and Answer from My Books-My World

Who inspired you to write and why?

Oddly enough, my grandmother inspired me to write romances. When I was a teenager, she used to share her romance novels with me. Unfortunately, my mother intervened since she thought “bodice-rippers”, as she liked to call them, were “sinful”. Of course this didn’t deter my beautiful, classy and fiercely-independent grandparent who secretly continued supplying me with weekly doses of Happily-Ever-Afters in brown paper bags. Luckily my mother never caught onto our plan and I became an avid reader and lover of romance novels. They helped me escape from a not-so-great childhood into a world where people found true love and happiness. It gave me so much hope and brightened my darker days. I knew I wanted to write the kinds of novels that transported me to give my readers the same, magical experiences. Now, whenever I’m writing, I’ll think of my grandmother and wonder what she would have thought about a particular hero, heroine or scene. If I think she would have loved it, it stays in the book. If it doesn’t pass “The Gram Test” it goes or I dig deeper into the emotions and the passion since she loved those moments best, as do I.



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