TRIPPING ON A HALO by Alessandra Torre and My Review!



Tripping on a Halo

by Alessandra Torre

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Release Date: December 7, 2018



It’s really hard to save a guy’s life when he keeps running from you.

You might be asking yourself why I’m waving an inflatable penis in the air and screaming at the top of my lungs. If I took time to explain, Declan Moss would get hit by a bus.

Let me back up. I didn’t ask for this. I was perfectly happy—and perfectly sane—before I was tasked with keeping Declan Moss alive. It was a thankless job until the moment that my panties dropped and his delicious smirk found his way in between my thighs.

Hello, toe-curling ecstasy. Goodbye, professional boundaries. And suddenly, there’s a new danger to avoid: the falling of my heart.






Where do I begin with this review but I must say I LOVED every single page of this book. I devoured this book within 5 hours and still wanted so much more.
This book was filled with such entertainment I found myself giggling, laughing out loud and ultimately crying the last hour! 
Alessandra has totally hit this book right out of the park. From the beginning of the book I was just having a blast reading and the descriptions in the book made my imagination came to life. 
The main character is Autumn a carefree 30 year old woman who believes that she is a “guardian angel” to Declan Moss. She watches him, follows him and even steals his trash. LOL. Autumn thinks that Declan doesn’t know that she is following him but indeed he does. He thinks this woman is stalking him and is “crazy”.
The reason she believes she is his “guardian angel” is because 6 months earlier she was walking down the street and she got a massive headache which lead her to stumble onto a gate and let out a dog that jumped on Declan which saved him from being in the middle of a plane crash. Since then she would follow him to make sure he was safe.
Once they finally do meet he looks at her in a different light…she no longer is the crazy stalker but a beautiful woman. After that their interaction becomes funnier and hotter!!!
There is so much emotion and heartfelt conversation between Autumn and Declan you begin to cheer them on but Autumn needs to be his “angel” not his lover.
I can not get into what happens once they do start to know each other since I will spill my guts about why I cried throughout the rest of this book. 
Be ready to laugh out lout and cry hard. 
GRAB this book and while you are there grab a box of tissue.
This has been the best book I have read ALL year!!
Thank you Alessandra Torre for such a GREAT book!!!!