Have a Heart by Jodi Watters



Title: Have a Heart
Series: Love Happens #4
Author: Jodi Watters
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Sommer Stein,

Perfect Pear Creative Covers

Release Date: November 9, 2018

If he had one, she’d be the woman he’d give it to.
A runaway
bride, searching for happily ever after.
A Navy
SEAL, who doesn’t believe in such things.
A bar, in
the middle of nowhere, and fate, who’s been awaiting this day. 
When I left
my groom at the altar, I didn’t care where I went, or who I met along the
When I
walked into a roadside bar in Nowhere, California, I wasn’t planning on
When I sat
down beside Jason Reynolds, I had no idea who he really was. 
My world
turned upside down.
Now all I
want to do is save him.
I tried to
ignore her. The beautiful train wreck who’d crashed my pity party.   
I tried to
fight temptation. Her sweet smile and smart mouth threatened my misery.
I tried to
walk away. My blackened soul didn’t deserve her bright, hopeful light.
My team
calls me Tin Man for good reason.
Love has no
place in my life.


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Some things
in life were worth the wait.
The line
for the tallest roller coaster at Six Flags. A Chanel handbag once it went on
sale. The pizza delivery guy.
Reynolds naked.
Tessa was
three for four so far, but if his willingness to follow her into a purple motel
room without a fight was any indication, she’d be averaging perfect come
After his
remarkably personal revelation, she was shocked there wasn’t a cloud of dust in
his wake, his truck speeding down the highway, never to return.
veteran—Special Forces, at that—voicing his concern over integrating back into
society, potential PTSD, and what to do with skills that served him well in the
military world but not so much in the civilian one, was tantamount to laying
down arms.
She’d been
surprised by his uncertainty. It was such a human condition from a guy who
appeared… well, inhuman.
he was an imposing man. Tall, close to six-three, if she guessed, his hair as
dark as his aura. And built, his body a supplement-free masterpiece people paid
a certified trainer top dollar to achieve. Based on appearance and manner, he
could carry the world’s population with one hand, using the other to fend off
scores of enemies.
But beyond
the corded muscle and bad attitude was simply a person, no different than any
other. Not that he was keen to admit it.
Leading him
by the hand, she stopped at her door to fish the key from her purse and he
pressed into her from behind, surrounding her. The Tumbleweed was a ghost town
this time of night, the long balcony lined with doors free of other guests.
Public, yet
her hair aside, he growled against her ear. “This is a bad idea.” Then he
nuzzled the sensitive rim. “Tell me to fuck off.”
He licked
her lobe, a teaser of what was to come, and a full-body shiver raced through
her. He groaned at her little shimmy and rocked his hips into her.
slumming it,” he murmured. “Go back to your almost perfect life.”
A courtesy
warning she didn’t heed.
“There’s no
tomorrow with me.” He bit the nape of her neck, then licked the sting. “I’m
walking away from here.”
stubble scraped her skin, the burn a reminder of his powerful masculinity.
“I’ll go
back to my room and jerk off until I go blind. It’ll be in your best interest.”
Her pulse
spiked at the visual, a whimper escaping. “Don’t you remember my kink? It wasn’t
a joke. I wanna watch.”
 “That would defeat the purpose.”
please?” Turning around, she brushed her lips over his. “I’d let you watch me
He groaned
against her mouth but didn’t kiss her back. “I’m not gonna take it easy on you.
You’ll get it how I wanna give it.”
“Mmm, fine
by me.” Burying her face in his throat, she inhaled him. Musk and delicious
isn’t in my vocabulary.”
flooded her. “If you’re trying to change my mind, it isn’t working.”
“You want
candles and poetry, go find somebody else.”
Jesus, he
wouldn’t give up. “I only want you.”
“And I only
want you,” he breathed, dropping his forehead to her shoulder. “God help me, I
only want you.”
She groaned
at his tortured prayer, but his mouth covered hers, stopping any more she might
say. Stopping any more he might say.
The glide
of his lips stole her breath.
The rasp of
his tongue erased the outside world. 
His kiss
was hot, wet, and methodical. Slow in speed but deep with desire, he pushed her
against the door with more force than necessary given she was a willing
participant. Sparks singed her nerves with every teasing dip and skillful lash
of his tongue, and she craved that same touch lower. Much lower.  
A need to
be taken hard and fast consumed her. A need that was edged in fear.
He might be
Jason, but he was still a stranger.
that fear, he lifted his mouth. “I might be rough, but I’m in control. If you
say stop, I’ll stop. At any time.” 
She nipped
his bottom lip, voice shaky. “I’m not afraid of you.”
“You should
be.” Shadows hid his face when he stepped back, putting physical inches between
them that equaled emotional miles.
“I’m not
and never will be. Get over it.” Fumbling with the key, she opened the door.
“Did I tell you I’m wearing my favorite panties tonight?”
He growled.
It could
have meant yes, could have meant no.
made a wet mess in them,” she scolded. “I need you to come in and clean it up.”
There was a
muffled groan and two seconds later, she was atop the dresser, Jason between
her spread legs and the door ricocheting shut.
So that worked.


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Author Bio
My love for
steamy romance began when I was in junior high. A friend and I noticed a
dumpster of discarded paperbacks behind our local dime store. Covers missing
and each book split down the spine, I scanned the pages for any love or lust
words—and curse words, too. From that point on, I scoured the public library
and the paperback racks at every store, reading anything labeled romance. I said
a tearfully grateful goodbye to Judy Bloom, and Jackie Collins began ruling my
I live with
my high school sweetheart husband in the desert Southwest. Awesome in the
winter, not so much in the summer.
My life
long goals are to think before I speak, smile more and swear less, and actually
weigh what my driver’s license states I do. 
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