Steal Me Away by Ilsa Ames


Title: Steal Me Away
Author: Ilsa Ames
Genre: Mountain Man Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2018


Rich daddy’s girl, pampered little princess, and all
The plan was to steal her.
Not fall for her.
She’s my captive, my tempting little prisoner.
But it’s her who’s stolen my heart.
The plan is simple: kidnap the girl, and then use her as
leverage to blackmail her asshole father and save my home. Easy enough, right?
Yeah, wrong.
I planned for everything, but I didn’t plan for those
tempting curves. I didn’t bet on that sassy mouth driving me wild. I didn’t plan
on the girl I’m kidnapping to make me crazy and make the devil inside of
me roar for more.
I’ll have Lia’s submission. Because I have to, in
order to save the only home I’ve ever known.
But what happens when my prisoner becomes my obsession? What
happens when I fall for her?
…What happens when I find out she’s carrying my baby?
Her father, the world – they’ll all say this is wrong.
They’ll all try and take her from me.
But I found her, I took her, and now, I’m keeping
…And I dare anybody to come and try and take her from me.
Steal Me Away is a full-length contemporary mountain man
romance. Steamy hot and sweet as pie, with a dominant alpha hero who’ll stop at
nothing to take and protect what’s his. Safe, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed
happy ever after!
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Author Bio
Ilsa Ames
is two die-hard romance readers-turned-authors. Best friends, moms, secret (and
sometimes not so secret…) smut lovers, and crappy reality television

hot, dominant alphas, smart, sassy heroines, & contemporary romance stories
to make you say “yes please!”. 

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