What’s your name and what genre would you consider your books to be?

Trish Beninato. My genre is YA Fantasy, but I also am going to start writing urban fantasy and paranormal.


Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)?

 I love stories of people with amazing abilities and powers as well as mythology. I thought it would be a fun way to use both and apply it to today’s issues.



How did you get interested in writing this particular genre (historical novels, mysteries, sci-fi, children’s books, etc.)?

I was inspired by working with students in this age group and also by my own love for literature in the young adult and new adult categories.




What kind of research did you do for this book?

I had to do a ton of research into mythology, both Greek and Egyptian. I learned that in many ways they are similar and I used this as a basis for my books.



Can you tell me about your Series?

A girl who wants to be normal, finds she is more extraordinary than she thought. She is a goddess with a long history and a journey all her own. One in which she must find out will she save the world or destroy it?


Do you have a favorite book out of this series?

So far Aftermath is becoming my favorite.





Where did you get the inspiration/idea for your series?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. The books I read, the walks I take and the conversation I partake in on a daily basis.


Was it always meant to become a series?

Yes, it was meant to be a trilogy from the very beginning.


What’s a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?

I do make writing goals, but as an indie author my day is done in blocks as much as I can. For instance, I’ll have two hours to write, an hour to network, and an hour to update my website or work on Photoshop and also of course to read. A good author, is a well-read author.




Do you have a new book in the making and if so, what’s the name of your upcoming book?

Aftermath: book three of the Jewel Trilogy and I’m working on a book with the talented Tiki Kos that has yet to be announced!


How important are character names to you in your books? Is there a special meaning to any of the names?

Most of the names come from the gods and goddess but a few of the other side characters were either named by people important in my life or named by their uniqueness, such as Jewel. Her name alone makes her sound- special.


Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas come to me everywhere. Sometimes as I’m going to sleep a scene will pop in my head or while I’m walking I’ll have an idea and write it down for later.




Is there a genre that you’ve been wanting to experiment with?

I think as I’m delving into the New adult area, I would really like to write more urban fantasy and paranormal as it interests me as well.


What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Editing is the hardest part. The process of writing is the fun part, but also keeping characters similar yet different in their growth (such as features and personalities vs. internal conflict/realization).


What do you think of book trailers? Do you have a trailer or do you intend to create one for your own book?

 I intend to create one once the trilogy is finished. J And I love them.




What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

My best accomplishments would be that I didn’t quit. Sometimes, in this business writers will become discouraged and quit. I just keep building and working on my craft. Because I found my calling in writing and one must always do what they love.


What’s the best thing about being an author?

I get to put the crazy worlds and thoughts in my head on paper!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I hope to have around 20 books out and by that time I hope to have built a good following and business. And I want to open a publishing house.




Have you always liked to write?

Yes, without a doubt! But I also paint. 


What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Keep building/working on your craft, take constructive criticism as a way to better your art, and find like-minded friends. And most of all always be kind.


If you didn’t like writing books, or weren’t any good at it, what would you like to do for a living?

 I would be a teacher or artist.




Do you read reviews of your book(s)? Do you respond to them, good or bad? How do you deal with the bad?

 Sometimes, and I take the advice and try to apply it. But sometimes, you have to remind yourself that not everyone Is going to like what you create. I do not respond most of them time, unless they make a valid point and then I will ask what they thought and how it could be better. Unless, they added it into the review. J I love hearing what readers think good or bad.


What is your least favorite part of the writing / publishing process?

 My least favorite part is writing the blurb.


What are you working on now?

 I am editing book 3 of the Jewel series and working on a new collaborative book with Tiki Kos




Why did you choose to write in your genre? If you write in more than one, how do you balance them?

 I love books in any genre that includes fantasy urban fantasy and paranormal. I even pick up a good historical romance here and there. I lie to write things that are unique and I want to do it in my favorite genres because that is where I am better at writing and imagining. I balance it by reminding myself where I am writing, who I am writing for and why.


Where did your love of books come from?

 As a kid, I would sneak off to libraries and read as a means to visit places I would never have the possibility of going in real life.


Do you have any favorite authors or favorite books?

 I love so many books it’s hard to sit here and just say one favorite! I’m a huge fan of the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. The Gender Games by Bella Frost, anything by Marissa Meyer, Lauren Kate, and Sarah J. Maas.  When I was younger, I was a huge Christopher Pike and the older teen R.L Stine books.




Of all the characters you have created, which is your favorite and why?

Hathor because she is strong, unapologetic of who she is yet so loving and sincere.


Does writing energize or exhaust you?

 It energizes me!


What is your writing Kryptonite?

 Facebook, lol. Or any social media really.




Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

 A little of both.


What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

 I’m friends with a bunch of authors. My tribe as we call ourselves, Tiki Kos, Ali Winters, Kristine Schwartz, April Wood, and Jon Morgan. I try to live by the idea that one should always help others and be kind. And they are great at doing the same. They keep me focused.


If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?





What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

 Hmm, I don’t know.  Maybe what I strive to represent every day, I try to represent creativity, fellowship, kindness, helpfulness, encouragement of my peers and support. These things are important to me.Where can your fans find you and follow??














Thank you for taking your time to do this interview ❤️

Thank you!