What’s your name and what genre would you consider your books to be?

Author Crimson Syn and I write romance.

Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)?

Hellbound Lovers MC came to me after my brother was watching a popular show and my Mom was watching a telenovela on Cartels. I combined the two together and boom, HLMC was created.

Th Ravenhead Corporation started with Dirty Obsession. It was only going to be a Father’s Day novel where a couple meets through social media, but the exploded in my mind into a four-book series.

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How did you get interested in writing this particular genre (historical novels, mysteries, sci-fi, children’s books, etc.)?

I’ve been reading romance since I can remember. I started writing at fourteen as an outlet for being bullied in school and when I created my worlds there was always an element of romance, it never faltered.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

For my most current book, Beautiful Betrayal, I actually looked to my PA, Siobhan Royle. The characters are English, so she was able to give me a bit of an inside into their world. I had to research the Russian mafia and study their language as well.

For the series of Ravenhead I had to learn cybercrime and cyber FBI units, types of caliber guns and weaponry. It was quite the study.

For Hellbound Lovers I studied the cartels, fighting techniques, military tactics.


Can you tell me about your Series?

The Hellbound Lovers MC series follows eight men in the brotherhood who handle tough jobs and protect the ones they love in the process. Due to their popularity and the popularity of their bar, they start being monitored by gangs until the Colombian Cartel gets involved.  This puts them in a completely different realm of MC vs gangs and drugs. And of course, there’s always the ever-present heated romances in the center of it all.

Ravenhead Corp series follows four men who run the Corporation. The CEO is Lucian Steele and Ravenhead is an armory of sorts, where weapons are constructed for the US military and different contractors to allies. In the midst of all this we have a cybercrime going on where a unit called Catchfire wants to infiltrate Ravenhead to steal weapons for the black market. But as always, my alphas have a whirlwind steamy romance that has them protecting the ones they love.

Do you have a favorite book out of this series?

Oh my, that’s tough. Out of Hellbound, Wolf, will always be my number one. He started it all, and for Ravenhead I think Drake is my favorite, I like his sinful side. Although Lucian is quickly climbing up the charts.



What’s a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do you set a daily writing goal?

I have a full-time job working as an HR Manager for a resort, so I usually write when I get home. Between seven and midnight you’ll see me writing. If I get inspired during the day I have the advantage of opening Word, or jotting ideas down in my notebook. I write mostly in the weekends when I’m relaxed and drinking my coffee.

Do you have a new book in the making and if so, what’s the name of your upcoming book?

Currently I am writing Filthy Seduction which is the third book in the Ravenhead Series, but I do have five other works in progress.

How important are character names to you in your books? Is there a special meaning to any of the names?

Very important to me. I do my research on names, especially my alphas names. I want strong names that reflect their personalities. Same with my heroines. I want names that represent their strength and their softness.

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Where do your ideas come from?

I liked old school action films growing up, suspense filled with mystery and of course lots of insanely hot sex. So, my mind always goes to that suspense filled state when I’m jotting down a storyline.

Is there a genre that you’ve been wanting to experiment with?

Oh yes, Dark Romance. I am definitely itching to go that route, but for now I’ll stick with my gritty MCs and devious billionaires until I get a good storyline going, but I am definitely intrigued.

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What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Editing. It is a tedious process and I am very impatient.

What do you think of book trailers? Do you have a trailer or do you intend to create one for your own book?

I like them, I eventually do want one for the Hellbound Lovers MC.

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

WOLF is my best accomplishment. Hitting enter on publishing my work was a dream of mine and he made it come true.

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What’s the best thing about being an author?

The fans and the fact that I can create these wonderful stories for them to get lost in. I’ve gotten to know and meet such wonderful people and I think that’s something I couldn’t give up. I create my alphas with my fans in mind, I write as if I were in their shoes wanting to experience those off the charts heated moments.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working full time as an author.

Have you always liked to write?

Always. I started writing short stories and they developed over the years into these novellas that just needed to be published.


What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Just keep your head down and keep writing. Ignore the reviews and push through the ups and downs, if this is your passion then go for it and don’t stop.

If you didn’t like writing books, or weren’t any good at it, what would you like to do for a living?

Hmm, probably working behind the scenes on movie sets. I always thought cinema was a completely awesome world and it would be interesting to see.

Do you read reviews of your book(s)? Do you respond to them, good or bad? How do you deal with the bad?

I do read reviews, mostly from my ARC team. Anything that comes in after I don’t really read. I don’t respond to them either. Sometimes I read them to see what my audience thought, but I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone.


What is your least favourite part of the writing / publishing process?

My favorite part of writing is actually when I see it all come together. Especially when I write a really good scene and I know it’s good cause it’s got me squealing excitedly inside. That’s probably my favorite part of the writing process.

Can you give us a few tasty morsels from your work-in-progress?

Oh my, of course I can, here is Filthy Seduction by Crimson Syn:

She narrowed her eyes on me and as I once again tried to get by her, she impeded my path. I accepted her defiance and watched as those same pretty eyes widened while I closed the space between us. She stepped back, once, twice, until my desk blocked her from moving any further, until her hands were pressed against my chest.

I wasn’t sure if she was holding me back or copping a feel but either way was good for me, because there was something about this woman that both tempted and irritated the fuck out of me.

We both focused on her soft hands which lingered on my skin, emanating a searing heat that poured from her and spread along my bare chest. Her emerald green eyes met mine and I watched them slowly dilate as her lips parted.

Oh, she felt it, this heat between us that ignited every time we were in each other’s presence. I couldn’t help but test the waters. Leaning in just an inch further, I could smell the citruses from her perfume and feel the soft wisps of her wild curls brush against my cheek. My cock stirred as her breath hitched and her palms flattened against my pecs.

I gave her a slow, sly grin and her features slowly came to life as she snapped out of our lust filled fog. Shoving me back and piercing me with an angry glare.


Why did you choose to write in your genre? If you write in more than one, how do you balance them?

I’ve always been in love with love, so going into romance was the most logical answer for me. Also, if you’re in romance you can delve into anything you want. Mystery, suspense, grittiness, MC, Dark, you name it and romance has got it.

Where did your love of books come from?

My parents were huge advocates on reading. They used to take me to the library every Sunday and I got to choose as many books as I could. I love to get lost in those worlds and whirlwind romances.

Do you have any favorite authors or favorite books?

I have so many favorites from Judith McNaught to Laurell K Hamilton, Currently I’m loving Lauren Blakely, Madison Faye and Jax Hart is an amazing new Indie author. My favorite books…I’ll tell you my recent favorites. The Ghost Riders series by Alexa Riley, Unscripted by Jax Hart, Mister O by Lauren Blakely, and I absolutely adored A Filthy Man by James Crow.

Of all the characters you have created, which is your favourite and why?

Cain is my favorite because he challenged me. He brought me into the world of BDSM and he didn’t want to let go. It’s why I’m loving writing Lucian, I have a thing now for my dark Doms.


Does writing energize or exhaust you?

It energizes me especially when I have a good storyline going. It pumps me up makes me want to put out that book.

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I always try to be original, but I do keep my readers in mind. To be honest I am one of those people who like to give you triggers, I enjoy making you squirm in your seats. If I did that, then I did my job. Not everything is a happy go lucky story, I do love my HEAs, but it doesn’t mean their love won’t come with some sort of struggle.

What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

I’m friend with Nikki Landis, Jax Hart and Derek Masters. They’re kind of my support group and they are so amazing at what they do. They ake me think out of the box and I learn so much from them especially Nikki and her fantasy worlds and Jax’s descriptive writing. Derek is a whiz at keeping you on the edge and coming back for more. We learn from each other and that’s what I really enjoy about our relationship.

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

How do you feel about becoming an International Best Seller?

But of course, I probably wouldn’t be able to answer that, cause I’d be in too much shock. Lol.

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