I can FINALLY tell everyone my news!! Inside Out has moved to a new production company with one of the original producers, who originally found and loved Inside Out. We are now optioned by MarVista Entertainment! AND my Careless Whispers series (Ella’s story) has been optioned as well! I am BEYOND ecstatic that my pride and joy series will be seeing the screen and bringing Chris and Sara to life!

I know you must have a ton of questions, and I’ll try to answer a the most obvious ones:

What does this mean?
• The great news is that MarVista has their own financing so they are going to go ahead and shoot a pilot movie to get things rolling! As of right now, they are working to find the perfect script writer and once that happens things should move quickly.

What has been the hold up?
• In the past, the studios who optioned Inside Out were the only money involved and that meant they wouldn’t shoot until they had approval through a long process. We have been through so many staff changes and almost production situations. Finally, this gets it done!

How fast will this move?
• I can never say for sure in Hollywood, but once they nail down the writer, it could be casting in as soon as 3 to 6 months. But keep in mind, I can’t be sure of anything. I know the goals. That is all I can relay.

Will Inside Out be a movie or a television show?
• We are not certain of this right now, but I will share as soon as the creative meetings have been held and I get the green light to give you more info.

When will the Inside Out project be available to watch?
• Currently, we are finding a script writer, and from there comes casting and filming. So it’s still a process, but hopefully it will be a speedy one!

Where can I watch Inside Out?
• To be determined.

How involved are you?
• I’ve very much connected to MarVista, and we’ve talked about our visions for this project. I LOVE their passion for Inside Out and cannot wait to see the talent they bring to the table to make this come to life!

Do readers have a say in casting?
• Not officially, but we LOVE to see your dream casts and ideas or even just your excitement! Please feel free to post on my Facebook page and/or tweet me on Twitter with the hashtag #InsideOutCasting

What’s happening with Careless Whispers?
• Ella’s series has been optioned along with Inside Out. Right now, the focus is Inside Out, but this is the very first time Careless Whispers has been optioned and I’m giddy about the idea of seeing Ella and Kayden come to life right alongside Chris and Sara.

What more can you tell us?
• Getting Inside Out to Hollywood has been a whirlwind ride. I am over the moon that MarVista has grabbed up my baby and is running full steam ahead to bring my books to screen with a respect for my vision, and excitement for the project!
And that’s about all I have for you! I will update everyone as soon as humanly possible about the progress of the project! For now, I hope you’ll enjoy a big announcement giveaway below and I look forward to hearing what you all think!

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