What’s your name and what genre would you consider your books to be?

My name is Ellis O. Day and I write steamy, contemporary romance. Some (Amazon) might consider it erotica but there’s always a love story at the heart of each tale.


Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)?

I’ve always loved romance novels and honestly, I like reading the sex scenes, but they can’t just be sex. There has to be feeling, emotion, love between the characters for the sex scene to work.

So, I decided to write books that had both —  great, kinky sex scenes and an emotional attachment between the two main characters.

Six Nights of Sin series is broken into six short novellas – each detailing one of the nights that Sarah and Nick are together.

I didn’t want this to be a typical virgin/billionaire story (although I do like those). I wanted Sarah to be the one who is looking for a man for a fling – six nights and then they’re done. Simple. Uncomplicated and fun.

Of course, that made me wonder why a woman like her (smart, successful and attractive) would need this. Why didn’t she have a man in her life? That led me to Sarah’s past which has kept her emotionally frozen, until she meets Nick. Let me tell you that the chemistry between these two is explosive.


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Can you tell me about your Series?

Two of my books are numerous short novellas that make up a sub-series of the main series. This way, I can offer part of the book for free, so you’re not out anything but a little time to give them a try.

Six Nights of Sins is six novellas (the first is free).

The Voyeur series is four novellas (the first is free).

They are books one and two in the main series – La Petite Mort Club.

All the books in the La Petite Mort Club series will tell the tales of the men and women who frequent or work at the sex club.

Six Night of Sin series is about Nick and Sarah. Nick isn’t looking for anything but a short fling. That’s exactly what Sarah wants too, but once they get together their chemistry is too hot and too good. Nick wants more but Sarah’s scared. She almost didn’t survive the loss of her first love, and she’s unwilling to risk her heart again. (you can get all six sexy nights for free by joining my readers’ group )




The Voyeur Series is about Patrick and Annie. Patrick is put in charge of the Club and he’s supposed to watch over his best friend’s little sister, Annie. The problem is, Annie is exactly the kind of woman Patrick likes – cute, sexy and kinky. She likes to watch the scenes at the sex club and she’ll do it with or without Patrick’s protection. The more they watch, the harder it is for him to keep his hands to himself, especially, when Annie wants his hands all over her.


Six Weeks of Seduction is the continuation (the HEA) for Nick and Sarah.

There are a bunch more stories coming and they all rotate around the sex club and the men and women who go there.




Do you have a favorite book out of this series?

I don’t. I like different things about each book/series.

In Six Nights of Sin –The chemistry between Sarah and Nick is off the charts and the games they play are quite titillating. A reader told me that her husband was VERY happy when she was reading my books. (lol).

The sex is crazy kinky in Six Weeks of Seduction, plus you see Nick grow from a young man who’s only interest is in sex, to a real man who loves a woman—problems and all.

The Voyeur series is just fun. The sex is hot – especially since you often get two for the price of one because you read about the scene Annie and Patrick are watching and kind of re-enacting. But more than that, the story is fun.  Annie grew up with all brothers so she knows exactly how to press an alpha males’ buttons.


Where did you get the inspiration/idea for your series?

I wanted to write romance but with great sex and not a story where once they consummate the relationship all problems are solved. We all know that’s about as far from the truth as life can get. My characters have real problems and fears that they have to work through to get to their HEA.

I also wanted to write some kink so I thought instead of the typical “virgin auctions herself to the highest bidder” I’d start with a woman – not a virgin—who wants sex. This was Sarah and Nick and as I was writing their story I realized that there were a lot of other men at La Petite Mort Club who needed a true love in their lives.




Do you have a new book in the making and if so, what’s the name of your upcoming book?

I’m currently working on Terry’s story.  You meet him in Six Nights of Sin. He’s older, in his forties, and a dom. But there’s more to him than that and when he sees Maggie, so lush and so lost running around the Club he has to have her and take care of her whatever the price.

This book is tentatively named: The Dom’s Submission.


Is there a genre that you’ve been wanting to experiment with?

 I have some notes on a historical romance that I plan on writing and maybe a thriller/suspense romance.




What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Creating – letting the story flow – is exhausting, but the editing is the hardest, especially the first edit. This is where I go through the rough draft and shape it.

A lot of times, I don’t know what really makes my characters tick until the end. This is when they finally come clean and tell me their deepest desires and fears. Once I know that, I have to go back and shape the story so the reader is given clues as to what is keeping the two lovers apart.


What do you think of book trailers? Do you have a trailer or do you intend to create one for your own book?

If I had more time and money, I’d make trailers but as it is, I need to spend my money on proven advertising tactics. At this point, I haven’t seen or heard from anyone who has had any return on investment with book trailers.



What’s the best thing about being an author?

If I didn’t have to work my day job, I’d say staying home to work. However, since I don’t get to do that, the best part for me is that it makes me happy. Writing is both pain and pleasure for me, but if I don’t do it, I get depressed.


Have you always liked to write?

Yes. I’ve wanted to be a writer since my brother read me a story he wrote for school. I guess that was when I realized that if he could write an interesting story then so could I. 


What are you working on now?

I’m working on Terry’s story tentatively called The Dom’s Submission.

Terry is a dom and he finds the perfect little sub, except she’ll only let him take care of her in the bedroom and that’s not enough for him. He wants to help her in her everyday life too, as long as he can avoid her three children.

Maggie, however, is not willing to rely on another man. Her husband left her for another woman and she’s in a world of financial hurt because she’d never worked and now she needed a job. Terry offers her money but she’s not about to sell her body for sex.

I’m also working on a Christmas story about a husband and wife on the verge of divorce. She’s sure he cheated on her and he’s sure she doesn’t want him anymore. They’re both wrong and it takes La Petite Mort Club to bring out their desire for each other.



Can you give us a few tasty morsels from your work-in-progress?

Someone slammed into Terry’s back causing him to spill his drink down his suit jacket.

“Oh…oh, I’m sorry.”

He spun around and encountered a red dress and breasts—milky white and lush. His dick twitched in his pants.

“Oh, let me get something to wipe that up.” She looked around, hurried over to the bar and grabbed some napkins.

She was short and curvy, succulent and ripe were the words that came to his mind—ripe and juicy. He wanted to bury his face between her breasts and her legs until she screamed. His dick hardened painfully and he had no idea why. She was not his type. Her hair was a rich mahogany. It’d probably hang past her shoulders in waves of silk but right now it was piled haphazardly on her head in what had probably been some kind of elegant style but was now falling down around her. She looked mussed and damnit, he wanted to be the one to muss her.

She returned to his side and dabbed at the wetness on his jacket. “I’m so sorry.”

“You said that already.” His words came out gruffer than he’d meant, probably because he wanted to pull up her—unfortunately red—dress and fuck her right here. He stepped closer. They were at the Club. It wasn’t out of the question.

Her hand froze. “Oh.” Her large hazel eyes looked startled and then hurt. “Sorry. I mean…excuse me.” She turned and wandered away, disappearing in the crowd.

He moved to the balcony and waited for the little rabbit to appear again. That’s what she reminded him of—a scared bunny in a room full of wolves.

His little rabbit hurried across the downstairs room, bumping and stumbling through the crowd, looking this way and that as if searching for someone.

“Who are you looking for little rabbit?” he mumbled to himself. “A husband? Boyfriend.” He grinned as he lifted his glass to his lips. “Girlfriend?” He frowned at the empty glass. “You spilled my drink, but I’ll forgive. For a price.” He waved at one of the waitresses. “Everything has a price little rabbit.” He knew that better than anyone. He’d been one of the best divorce lawyers in town but now he left that to his subordinates and practiced business law. It wasn’t as messy.

The waitress brought him another drink. He paid giving her a large tip before turning to find his little rabbit. He sipped his scotch watching the lush woman’s journey through the crowd. She stopped in her tracks, her jaw dropping open as she gazed on a threesome on one of the couches.

The woman was sandwiched between two men, stroking one’s cock as the other one fondled her beneath her red dress. The man who was behind the woman looked up and said something to Terry’s little rabbit. Her face heated and Terry’s eyes dropped to her chest. Yep, they were a pretty shade of pink now. He really wanted to know if the color matched her pussy.

She stumbled backward away from the threesome, bumping into another man. Terry recognized the guy. Richard kept her from falling and then let her go, stepping away. She was safe with Richard. He was a regular but some of these other guys didn’t know the rules and may not listen to safe words or the word no.

She said something to Richard and then continued through the Club. Terry followed along on the upper floor. He had no idea why he wanted her. The only thing he could think of was she was different—almost innocent. He’d never gotten into breaking in the new girls. That was more Ethan’s style. Terry usually liked his woman to know exactly what they wanted so he could show them how wrong they were.

Maybe it was time he tried something new. It was obviously the little rabbit’s first time at a place like this but she didn’t’ seem eager to participate or even watch. She truly seemed to be looking for someone specific—not just someone to fuck.  Well, she’d found the later because he was going to fuck her. In the office he followed his head but at La Petite Mort Club he followed his dick and his dick was rearing to take her for a ride.

She headed toward the party rooms. There was no way he was going to miss this. He sauntered down the stairs and followed her, grabbing another drink on the way. She wasn’t hard to follow. She left a path of irritated people in her wake as she bumped into them and apologized. Her full round hips swayed under her tight red dress that’d seen better days. It was  a little too tight, not that he minded but he was used to his women being much more put tougher.

He usually went for the CEO types. The women who loved being in charge—because he loved breaking them of that habit. When they were with him, he was in charge and he made sure they loved it. He told them when to kneel, when to suck, when to spread their legs or ass and when to come. The more power they had in real life the more they loved bowing to his wishes.

His little rabbit wouldn’t know what power was. She was a hot mess of a woman. Still, his dick wanted her, so his dick would have her.

She was hurrying out of the first play room when he entered the hallway. Her eyes were huge in her pale face and her cheeks were redder than her ruby dress. She ducked into the next room and then just as quickly came back out—even redder than before.

She was determined to find whoever she was looking for. Perhaps, he’d offer his assistance. She’d be grateful and he could capitalize on that. However, if she were looking for her husband or boyfriend, he wasn’t sure he was in the mood to share. Of course, the other man may just want to watch and he was fine with that. He could give the guy some pointers on how to take care of his wife because she obviously needed guidance.

“Excuse me,” he said, stopping her in her tracks.

“You?” Her eyes narrowed a bit.

That wasn’t the reaction he was used to. He was a rich, successful, attractive man. Women usually purred for him.

“Are you following me?”

“What would you do if I said I was?” He moved closer as she backed up.

“Ah….ah, I’d scream. There are bouncers here. I saw them.”

Lord, she was cute. “Yes, but if they came running at every little scream they’d die of exhaustion.”

As if to emphasis his point a woman screamed in ecstasy. His little rabbit’s face heated and she dropped her gaze.

“Who are you looking for?” He ran his finger lightly down her cheek. Her skin was porcelain and so soft.

“Ah…” Her breath hitched as he leaned in closer, making her breasts swell dangerously above her gown.

He could have her out of it in a minute and be caressing her soft mounds. The skin would be even softer than that on her face.  “Did you lose your husband?”

“No.” She licked her lips.

There was no way he could let that offer pass. He bent slowly, giving her time to refuse him. He may command his women but he made sure they always wanted it first. Her eyes dropped to his mouth and he couldn’t help a slight smirk. She wanted this as much as he did. He moved closer and let his lips rest gently on hers. He’d take it slow, make her yearn for him and then he’d make her obey.

She turned her head. “What are you doing?

“Kissing you.”. He wasn’t about to lose any ground.

“Why?” Her eyes locked with his. She was truly confused, but she couldn’t be truly innocent, not completely. She had to be in her thirties.

He should use flowery words—tell her she was beautiful, desirable—but that wasn’t him. Blunt was the kindest word used to describe him. “Because I want to.”

“You don’t even know me.”

He was losing ground. The interest in her face was being replaced with disgust. “I know, I want you.” Damn, he shouldn’t have said that.

“Well….too bad.” She pushed on his chest and he stepped back.

“This is a sex club, you know.” He followed. “If you aren’t here for sex, why are you here?”

She stopped dead in her tracks and turned toward him. “Because I don’t want you, a stranger to…to”—she waved her hand about—”in the hallway…”

He laughed. “We wouldn’t be the first. There are people fucking in the main room.”

“I know. I saw.” Her face heated.

He stepped closer. “You are adorable.” He touched a strand of hair that was tumbling down around her face. It was like satin.

“I’m a mess.” She touched her hair.

“A hot mess. A fiery, hot, sexy mess.” He moved closer with every other word. “One I want to fuck, right now.”

By the hardening in her eyes, he knew he’d made a big mistake.

“Well, I don’t”—again she waved her hand about—“you know, with strangers in the hallway.”

She shove his chest again and he took a small step back but he wasn’t giving up yet. “We can go to a private room.”


Shit. By the look on her face, he’d just made a bigger blunder.

“Let me go.” She pushed him again.

Damn. She’d said the three worst words in the English language besides I love you. He stepped back releasing her…for the moment. “Sorry.”

She harrumphed.

“I made a mistake.”

“Yes, you did.” She turned and hurried down the hallway but not before he’d seen the look of hurt in her large eyes.

“What the fuck do you want? I made a mistake and apologized.” He trailed after her.

“I want you to leave me alone. Please. Go away.”

He stopped. His little rabbit was running but perhaps, he shouldn’t chase. She darted down a hallway toward the harder core BDSM rooms.

Normally, she’d be fine. Embarrassed but fine but with the crowd of newbies here…“Shit.” He hurried after her. “Hey, I don’t think you want to go…”

“Leave me alone.” She spun around. “I need to find my friend and get out of here.”

“Okay, but…ah….”

“Go away.” She sounded both mad and as if she were going to cry.

He stopped. “Suit yourself.”

She went into the closest room. He should leave. Let her find out that he wasn’t the worst thing in a place like this, not in a long shot, but his feet followed her. She was his little rabbit. He’d found her. No one else was going to enjoy her until he’d had his taste.

“Vicky? Vicky? Are you in there?”

He followed her into the room, staying in the shadows. She was looking around in the dark for her friend. It only took a moment for one of the six guys to notice the little rabbit who’d stumbled into their den.

“Shit,” he mumbled. This could be bad. Not one of these guys was a regular.




Why did you choose to write in your genre? If you write in more than one, how do you balance them?

I love romance books but many of them have horrible sex scenes. I wanted to write something that was hot, sexy but had love as an underlying theme. Love is what makes the best sex.


Where did your love of books come from?

I was on bedrest as a child – for months—and my only escape was books. Well, and cartoons but they were only on for a few hours every day, unlike nowadays.



Of all the characters you have created, which is your favourite and why?

It’d have to be Ethan or Nick.

Nick is so hot and he’s such a good guy deep down. He’s immature in Six Nights of Sin, but he does a lot of growing up between that book and Six Weeks of Seduction.

Ethan is special to me. He’s had a hard life and he owns a sex club but he makes it different. He doesn’t use women, he empowers them. He’s a solitary man but he had a good heart, even if it’s tarnished.


Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I try to deliver what I promise. I promise a hot, sexy read that’s more than just sex. These characters may start out just wanting to f*** each other, but true love wiggles its way into their lives.





Where can your fans find you and follow??

First, you can get the entire Six Nights of Sin series (all six, sexy nights) for free by joining my readers’ group.


Not ready for that kind of commitment?

You can get the first book in the Six Nights of Sin series, Interviewing for Her Lover, free here:


You can also get the first book in the Voyeur series free here:


You can check out my FB author page here:

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Thank you for taking your time to do this interview ❤️