My Review of THE LIES BETWEEN US by Yolanda Olson.



The Lies Between Us

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Running away has always been something I’m good at.

I’ve run far away from home and back again thinking that each time would be the last.

But things are a lot different lately. I’ve learned that tides turn, seasons change, and sometimes, people do too.

I haven’t seen Hoyt Blackburn in a decade because I was so convinced he wasn’t worth my time anymore. I guess this is where I’ve changed since I found out that his execution is one of those inevitable things that life handed him. I can’t ever remember him being a bad man, yet I can’t shake that something isn’t right about what’s happening to him.

Maybe it’s because I miss him.

Maybe it’s because I wanna lay eyes on the man one last time.

Will he remember me? Will he even care? I don’t know; the only thing I can honestly say for sure is that there are still some secrets we have left between us that have to be spoken before he draws his last breath. Otherwise, when that day comes, they may have just killed me too.





My Review:

*If you are easily offended/triggers or can not read anything that has sexual abusive, self harm, or sexual content this is not your book.


What to say about this book but OH MY!
I love everything that Yolanda Olson writes and this book is a bit different than her other books but her way to surprise and throw me a curve ball is all the same.
I didn’t expect this story as I said it is different than what she has written but I loved every bit of this book.
It took me 4.5 hours to read since my heart was beating so fast and hard waiting for the big BOOM. Boy was there ever a big boom.

Gracie has been abused, torn and broken by all the ones that are suppose to love her. She is so broken that my heart cried out to her so many times throughout this book, BUT she never ever once stopped believing in her heart that somewhere in these “ugly” people it was her fault and she’d rather be at the end of their abuse than have others be abused. She has deep secrets that go so deep that the only one she feels safe enough to share it with is Jori.

Jori is a bit older and loves Gracie with everything that he is. He lives close by and watches Gracie through there treehouse. He is her protector, her best friend, and her absolute Hero. Jori has had a life of abuse and has never had anyone to protect him. He has always been the protector. He didn’t grow up with parents but was raised by an abusive woman who always let him remember that he was never wanted. Jori is gracious and loving man to Jori and will always be there for her. Caring for her and caring the secrets she has shared with him and the secret that he also bears alone.

Hoyt is Gracie’s father. A man who has worked hard and tried to take care of his little girl. Under his nose his Gracie is being abused by her psychotic mother and her pediphile uncle. But when Gracie is 9 years old when he is sent to prison on death row for murdering Gracie’s mother. Hoyt is now older and his time is almost up for lethal injection. He has the biggest secret of his own. One that can destroy so many lives.

All things come full circle when Gracie goes to visit him. Now she’s older. Has a life of her own with Jori. All of there lives are about to change and secrets will come out and the biggest Secret is one that will change EVERYTHING.

If you have never read anything by Yolanda Olson after reading this book you will be addicted.

Bravo Yolanda! Bravo!