My Review of BLOOD, FLESH & BONES SERIES by Juliet Vane!

My Review of BLOOD, FLESH & BONES SERIES by Juliet Vane!


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Ghostly footsteps, haunted mirrors, stolen treasures…
Welcome to the Rosebud Academy.

Up until a few weeks ago, eighteen-year-old Lissa Anderson drank, smoked, and partied hard.

She was trying to forget a tragedy. 

Now, though, she’s determined to be the straightest arrow at Rosebud, an elite summer program for classical musicians. 

A spooky old dormitory, overprivileged students, and hours at the piano make the program into everything Lissa expected. 
What she didn’t expect is her quickly-budding romance with a cellist, a series of thefts related to scary stories, or the ghost determined to get Lissa’s attention. 

If she’s willing to face her own skeletons, Lissa’s rebellious past might help her unlock the future.

Ghosts, snooty musicians, and a macabre mystery can all be yours with just one click of the “buy” button above!




My Review:

“I received a complimentary ARC in exchange for my honest review.”

This was the very first time reading a book written by Juliet Vane. First I would say that this book left with a cliffhanger. I should of realized this so I wouldn’t of been waiting for more.

This book was about a young woman named “Lissa”. She is a talented pianist who after making poor decisions after her best friend passes away. She goes to a very exclusive acacdemy for talented musicians. This academy is very old and it comes with a long history and “ghost stories” .
Lissa meets new friends who like her are very talented.
The liked that the characters in the book were all different with their own back “stories”.

This book started off very well. I was very interested in Lissa and her best friend Chloe.
Juliet Vane’s description of each character in the story was great. I was really enjoying the book but somewhere in the middle of the book I started to wonder when will it get exciting. It wasn’t boring but I felt it dragged a little bit. Once I got excited again the book was finished.

Like I stated at the beginning this book is #1 of a series. I had so many questions at the end I was a little disappointed but it was my fault since I didn’t know there was another book after this.

I am looking forward to reading the next books of this series. I NEED to know what’s going on and I NEED my questions answered.

Thank you Juliet for sharing this book with me.

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After the haunting events of the past month, Lissa is tired of being afraid. Although not all of the mysteries from June have been solved, Lissa is determined to focus on her music, manage the new tensions with her boyfriend, and ignore the ghost in the hallway.

But the unrestful spirits haunting the old school have other ideas….

The Blood Flesh Bone trilogy is for lovers of spooky, gothic mysteries who like a little romance sprinkled in for fun!

Note: This is the second book in the Blood Flesh Bone trilogy and the ending leads into the third book, August’s Bones.






“I received a complimentary ARC in exchange for my honest review.”

July’s Flesh started right where June’s Blood ended and I must say WOW! This book was great. I was able to finish this book within 2 hours. It was very enticing and creepy. Lissa is still haunted by what happened to Karl. She still fighting “fear” living at Rosebud, her relationship with Tyler, and what is in the mirror.

I can not give any spoilers since YOU MUST READ this series. I am giving this book 5 stars since it kept my interest, had me spooked and had a wicked cliffhanger.

Excellent Read! I am so looking forward to reading August’s Bones.

At Rosebud, the spirits have their own haunting melodies.

With the end of the Rosebud music festival fast approaching, Lissa should be concentrating on her final performance piece, not dealing with her ex’s hostility, her attraction to someone new, or the ghostly face in the mirror. 

But buried secrets are determined to rise to the surface. In order for Lissa to get what she wants, she must help the spirits get what they want: justice.

Note: August’s Bones is the final installment of the Blood Flesh Bone trilogy.

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“I received a complimentary ARC in exchange for my honest review.”

Excellent. This series was great. I was so intrigued with this series I have told many people about these books and of course No Spoilers.
August’s Bones began right where July’s Flesh had left off. I love the way this author does a very small recap on the last book just in case a reader had to wait a few months for the next book of the series would release.

Lissa had gone through a very emotional, unsettling, and freeing in this last book. She learned so much in the3 months she was at Rosebud then she could of possibly done in all of her teenage life.
In this book some major secrets where uncovered and deeper understanding of herself and “friendship”.

I really enjoyed this book and the whole entire series. It had ghosts, mysteries, and adventure. It was amazing. I’m so happy to have met this new author of Young Adult genre. I am still young at heart and I believe anyone at any age will enjoy this wonderful book.♥️

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