Undone by Amelia Wilde

Cover Designer: Coverlüv

Release Date: January 2, 2018



She’s the match that sets the world on fire.

Chaos is terrible for business. Want to become filthy rich off classified government contracts? Stay far, far away from turmoil. One touch, and you’re out.

I never courted chaos.

She came to my doorstep anyway.

Her name? Annabel Forester. Her goal? Upend everything.

She’s an irresistible disaster, as gorgeous as she is unpredictable. One day here, gone the next. I can’t trust her. I certainly can’t be with her. Getting caught with Annabel by my side will put my business on the line.

But it’s too late. I’m addicted to her wild energy, to the curves that set my mind aflame. I’ll do anything to make her mine.

Anything…even if it means I’ll come undone.




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About the Author

Amelia Wilde doesn’t always write about billionaires, but when she does, they’re alphas with hearts of gold and panty-dropping good looks. She doesn’t always write about small-town men, but when she does, they’re too hot to handle and good with their hands. She always writes about sexy heroes who go after what they want and heroines with enough spark and drive to power an entire city. She always wants the perfect happy ending. She will always accept free cookies.


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