ROTTEN by Erin Lee is LIVE!


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Spoiled plans were simply not an option for Jonah Dunn.

It didn’t matter that Emery Swinn, his she-devil boss, thought she could have anything she wanted by simply batting her eyes and making others do her dirty work.
Jonah, who had lived enough for three lives, knew exactly what he wanted and wasn’t going to let Her Highness stop him.
With eyes set on rookie intern Danielle Mosley, Jonah had every intention of doing whatever it took to win her affection. But with Emery in his way and Danielle fixated on plans of her own, it wouldn’t be easy.
Sometimes, love and lust go bad. Greed gets in the way.
With the help of Dawn Youngwood and a couple of hidden aces, he might just teach his spoiled boss and the woman he loves that making deals with the devil can only lead to one thing.
It won’t be pretty. It might even get ugly.
But Jonah had never put much stock in appearances. He’d learned, a long time ago, that shallow women were simply rotten.
He’d never make such a mistake again. This time, he would be in charge and he’d be the one teaching the final lesson.


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