Lola Kyle’s Carnage & Desire

Lola Kyle - Carnage & Desire ebook cover NEW


****Brand New Release****

Lola Kyle is bringing us back to Escape, Colorado with Carnage & Desire (Escape From Reality Series: Book 5)

Lola Kyle - Carnage & Desire Full Wrap NEW


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Lola Kyle - Carnage & Desire Teaser3

Ophelia Rosewood put the “O” in
ordinary, until she’s attacked by a wolf.

Stupid human bears the mark.

For decades, Reginald St. Croix
has been searching for his
reincarnated mate. Then he finally
finds her… Too bad she’s human.

World’s shift as mates collide.

When Ophelia’s mother is mudered,
she vowed to find whomever was
responsible and make them pay!

Will she follow through on her plan,
even if it means killing the one person
she believes she can trust?

A new world filled with carnage and
desire leaves everything a bloody mess

Lola Kyle - Carnage & Desire Teaser2


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