OTTER’S TOY BOX by Yolanda Olson & Elizabeth Cash is LIVE!!


Otter’s Toy Box

Yolanda Olson and Elizabeth Cash





The compulsion almost always starts with a need.
It quickly becomes a want; a longing that consumes me.
It’s escaped me for so long. Every desperate attempt I’ve made to obtain it has been in vain so far.
I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was the day I found it.
Waiting to be bought; waiting for a new owner.
Waiting for me.
It’s taken me a long time and it’s been a hard road, but it’s mine; it always has been and now no one can take it away from me.
No matter how hard they try.


It has waited a long time to finally have an owner.
Years of mistreatment and neglect had it scared that it would never have a home to call its own.
When it was finally packaged for shipment, it was beyond excited.
The dark ride and unkind hands were worth it in the end because it was finally going home.
But was that home all it hoped it would be?

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