VEGAS BIRDE by Ardent Rose is LIVE!

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By Ardent Rose

Maddie Simmons was out on the town playing slots when a sexy poker player grabbed her attention. Before the evening was over Cooper McCord had made her his lucky charm. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, in Maddie’s case I am not so sure.


“You took advantage of me when I was incapacitated by alcohol. If you wanted to f*ck me why didn’t you just haul me over here and skip the marriage sh*t?” Maddie had begun pacing, her stomach needed food. Her concentration was shot.
“Listen, Mr. McCord, I need a shower and some food. Maybe then I can think clearly and completely understand the ramifications of this cluster-f*cker.” She strode swiftly into the bathroom and slammed the door.
Coop scratched his dark curls and ordered up some food. How was he ever going to make her understand without revealing his secret.

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