Broken Mirror and Other Morbid Tales by Carmilla Voiez



Broken Mirror and Other Morbid Tales by Carmilla Voiez

Thirteen tales of the macabre from horror author Carmilla Voiez. Meet a confused ghost, a vampire, searching for love, and a woman bent on revenge; visit a gateway to hell, a hotel in faery and an abandoned asylum, in this unique collection of stories.
Includes the novella Basement Beauty.
Basement Beauty ~ Vampire novella
Salon of Lost Souls ~ Ghost short story
Impatient for Death, a love story
Jagged Jaws ~ Tale of revenge
Broken Mirror ~ Weird short of self mutilation
Dead aHead ~ Short story of loss
The Changeling ~ Tale of obsession
Pumpkin Lanterns ~ Halloween vignette
Dance the Ghost With Me ~ Gothic ghost story
Cracked ~ Haunted asylum
Penetration ~ Hunter and hunted
Cellar Door ~ Monster story
The Violinist ~ Murder and music


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Early Review:

I love short stories and Carmilla Voiez is able to put tons of impact in an abbreviated space. I read a great deal of horror and it is a challenge to surprise me with a plot twist, but on the whole this collection of tales did just that. My only caveat is there are trigger warnings at the beginning of the book for the… let’s say difficult and challenging… topics included like self-harm and kidnapping. While I think this is a good thing, I would have preferred to not have the specific trigger at the beginning of each story, because for a few of the tales it became a mild spoiler, which Voiez notes is not her intention.

“Basement Beauty” gives a different picture of vampires–soulful, poetic, awkwardly and disturbingly romantic.

“Impatient for Death” is reminiscent of Twilight Zone episodes.

My only question about “Jagged Jaws” is why is herbal tea listed as a trigger?

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A Brief History in Photos 2000 – 2016
Carmilla Voiez
In the prime of my life (46 is prime of life now, right?) I look back at my adventures and realise how lucky I’ve been with friends and amazing experiences. Over the past 15+ years I’ve been able to follow dreams – clothes designing and writing – that I would not have expected when I left school.

I owned the Gothic clothing company Drac-in-a-Box until 2012, when ownership passed to a lovely couple from England. I found out a few weeks ago that the company has finally closed its cyber doors. The end of a glorious era in my opinion.

The house in which my ex and I ran Drac-in-a-Box for over a decade was repossessed a while ago. Sadly there is no money left from the sale to help clear my old debts. I expected that would be the case. However, the purchaser did find lots of old photos both from the Drac-in-a-Box days and family photos. In celebration, and to honour the memory of Drac-in-a-Box, I thought I’d share some of them with you.

Many of the photos are taken by Damien Searle or Paul Martin. The Drac-in-a-Box “Alice” artwork was created by Rion Vernon and three of the images are taken from an old mail order catalogue we produced.

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