TO THOSE kids that grew up rough and always looking for an escape! This book is dedicated to each and every abused child and adult that was abused or sexually assaulted as a child, but scared to speak out. I hope you find courage in my writing and in this story. 


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With the world now plagued by rotters, it’s up to my team and I to take care of the living and take out the dead.




I’m U.S. Veteran and author TJ Weeks. I started writing when I was very young. My first book was published at the early age of 12 by my middle school. After serving 8 years in the military, as well as an 18 month Iraq deployment I started dabbling in writing again. I finally published my 2nd book in 2009. I started my writing career in 2012 and have been doing it every since. After close to 60 published books I took a short break to take care of my dad when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and now back to what I love most.
I have one book (The Horror Squad) going to film (2017), as well as a comic book series. I’ve won many awards in my career and have high hopes of continuing my success.
If you’ve read one of my books, please leave a review and if you haven’t ever read one of my books, please read the reviews and give one a try. There’s honestly not many bias reviews on any of my books, I have PTSD and don’t talk to enough people to have bias in my life.