NIGHT STALKER by Author R.L. Weeks is NOW up for Pre-Order! Coming August 31st


Night Stalker is up for preorder now.
It’s a full-length novel. No cliffhanger but it is part of a three book series.
This book is not a horror – it’s more creepy (Think Tim Burton or Nightmare before Christmas)
The release date is August 31st.
J. L. Joyal is making some beautiful swag to go with paperbacks which are being ordered in advance and the editors are Emily and Caitlin.

Link for preorder:

A strange knock, a shadow moving in the hall, a breath on her neck – it’s 3AM and Casey has woken up from the same reoccurring nightmare.
Sadon was there, the mystery guy she had only met in her nightmares. He looks and sounds strange and has even stranger tastes. His unhealthy obsession with Casey has kept her awake more than once – terrified to fall into his embrace as she closes her eyes.
As she drives back from work the next day, down Highway 606, she loses her way and stumbles across an old hotel. As the gate closes, she realizes she has stepped into her nightmares, but this time it’s real.
In the home of the shadow stalkers, she’s against the clock to find a way out.
She must take a step into the unknown and abandon her fears before she loses her mind in those derelict rooms like so many before her.

Excerpt from Night Stalker.

The wind pressed against the panes of the window as I stared out onto the unwashed town. I sucked in a deep breath and glanced at my suitcase. “Two more days,” I said aloud, trying to calm the fear building in the pit of my stomach.
Finally, I’d see the sign whisk past me showing Pleasant Falls in faded writing for the last time. Population 800, would soon be 799.
Hopefully, tonight I wouldn’t dream. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I hate falling asleep. I always push myself to stay awake, only giving into the blackness when my brain would force me too. If I could help it, I’d never sleep again.
I briefly closed my eyes and imagined a world outside of Pleasant Falls and away from him. I mean him figuratively, at least I think I do. Because him is just a figment of my unconscious imagination.
When I eventually give into sleep, I fall into his embrace. His cold, thin arms hold me until I can’t breathe. His blonde hair so light it looks almost white, brushing against my cold cheek. Everything is so cold there, in that hotel. I can hear the creaking of the gate closing in my mind and jolt myself to make sure I’m not falling asleep.
I’m plagued by fear and he likes it, he waits for me patiently, stalking me in the shadows until I’m too scared to move. Then when I wake up it’s as if all the energy has been sucked out of me. Hell, everyone already thinks I’m a zombie due to the lack of sleep. The iron tablets from the doctor didn’t help, nor did the exercise regime which I was told would help me rest better. Nothing worked so I am at my last resort. I’m leaving.