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World Between the Trees by C. Freeland

Time is working against them and impending doom is looming on the horizon.
#YA #Dark #Paranormal #Fantasy

Jake Hunter has disappeared without a trace and when his older brother, Ryan, finds a journal depicting his brother’s extraordinary encounters in another dimension, he knows that Jake’s disappearance is much more than just a troubled teen running away from home.
In his search for Jake, Ryan travels through a magical kingdom known as Daeogula, piecing together clues and meeting mystical characters who help – or betray! – him along the way. Aided with the reluctantly accepted help of his long-time friend, Shiloh, and the frustratingly vague guidance from a man with a shovel, Ryan discovers that Jake’s disappearance is linked to a kingdom on the brink of war. A kingdom full of lovable, fierce and quirky beings such as mermaids, goofy giants, old swamp witches and legendary shape shifters. With time working against them and impending doom looming on the horizon, Ryan and Shiloh must fight to bring Jake home safe, all while the fate of this new kingdom rests in their hands. If they fail, not only will they likely face a horrible death, the evil army they are up against will spill into their own dimension, threatening to destroy all mankind.


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About C. Freeland:

C Freeland is a brand new author and her first novel, The World Between the Trees, is set to release June 23rd, 2017. Though The World Between the Trees is a YA fantasy, C Freeland’s future titles will span several genres from Sci-Fi to Action/Adventure to Comedy so be sure to check for updates, as this new author plans to release more titles this year!

When C Freeland is not writing, she is hanging out with her four crazy kids and husband. She also loves to watch 80s movies and takes great pride in educating her children on all of the great movies and books she grew up loving. C Freeland attributes her love for reading and writing to her mother, who has always encouraged and supported her dreams.