WICKED WITCH (Haunting Fairytales Series Book 4) by R.L.Weeks is LIVE!!!!


Fans of Once Upon a Time will love this series!!
Haunting Fairytales Series, Book 4
‘There’s no rest for the wicked.’

The Wicked Witch, Eve, wasn’t always so wicked, but a series of horrible events led her to OZ where she could get her revenge.
Seven of the world’s greatest evils are scattered around Cantata, and she wants to bring them together.
Snow and James hunt down the evils with the sword of souls to trap them before she can use them to overthrow their world. The Hatter is out to slow them down so he can make things right with Eve.
Peter, Lori, and the others are not going to go into the eternal prison again without putting up a fight.
Dorothy is swept into the middle of the war and only she can bring peace to Oz…. if she doesn’t turn bad herself.

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About R.L.Weeks:

R. l. Weeks lives in a small village in North Devon.
When she’s not writing, she’s designing covers, shopping, or reading.

Her Haunting Fairytales Series, published by Vamptasy, was voted Best Fairytale series 2016 by Reality Bites Magazine and Best Fantasy Series by Rockin Friends Indie Awards.


Haunting Fairytales Series
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R. l. Weeks also writes short horror stories that can be found as standalone eBooks or in anthologies.

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