Take a Peak at MOONBORN by Terry Maggert. Read and Review Heartborn and you can get a copy of MOONBORN!


 Terry Maggert would like to offer you a copy of the YA Fantasy “HEARTBORN” plus, if you love the first one let us know and we’ll give you the second?” “MOONBORN” , don’t you just love this covers??


Her guardian angel was pushed.

Keiron was never meant to be anything other than a hero. Born high above in a place of war and deception, he is Heartborn, a being of purity and goodness in a world where violence and deceit are just around every corner.
His disappearance will spark a war he cannot see, for Keiron has pierced the light of days to save a girl he has never met, for reasons he cannot understand. Livvy Foster is seventeen, brave, and broken. With half a heart, she bears the scars of a lifetime of pain and little hope of survival.
Until Keiron arrives.
In the middle of a brewing war and Livvy’s failing heart, Keiron will risk everything for Livvy, because a Heartborn’s life can only end in one way: Sacrifice.
Fall with Livvy and Keiron as they seek the truth about her heart, and his power, and what it means to love someone who will give their very life to save you.

Here’s linky for Heartborn: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/7b9lB