HAUNTING FAIRYTALES SERIES (Special Edition Boxser 1-3) bY R.L.Weeks


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Fans of Once Upon a Time will love this series!!
Haunting Fairytales Series, Books 1-3
Special edition box set

‘Be careful what you wish for’

Book one
Edward was cursed to be a frog after breaking Lori’s heart.
Now, he wants his happy ending and doesn’t care how many lives he ruins trying to get it.
Rapunzel has a secret that Edward wants to take advantage of. An old Merchant will lead him to Belle, and Stilt will spin deals and lies to try and right a disastrous incident that left him childless.
Entangling your favourite fairytale characters into one epic story that all started with a man who was cursed to be a frog.

Book two
When Peter and his brother Pablo are chased by the townsfolk for being sorcerers, they venture into the Enchanted Forest and stumble across a magical fountain of youth.
Using their powers, the fountains power spreads and transforms the land into Neverland, and Peter become its king.
Lori, Stilt, and Snow all want the key to the fountain of youth and will stop at nothing to get it. However, when they venture into Neverland they realise that retrieving the key will not be easy. Snow, Red, and Rapunzel must be careful not to be lured into Peter’s enchantment.
Lori and Stilt team up with a vengeful pirate to hunt down Peter’s brother, the Piper.
Neverland is not a place of dreams and Peter is not as innocent as he would have you believe.

Book three
Snow reigns over Wonderland as its new Queen and all is not well. Wendy is a dormouse, the Queen’s cat is a double agent, and the Hatter is mad.
Alice has been looking for her sister, Wendy, and has finally found the magical land.
Robin Hood flees his forest after the evil Clarissa takes over.
He searches for the object that can kill the immortal Clarissa, which leads him to the Queen of Hearts.
As Robin and Alice step through the mirror, they get a lot more than they bargained for in the strange, divided land.