My Review of LUMBER JACKED by Chance Carter



I don’t know how to begin this review. I have been sitting here for the last 5 minutes trying to put in words what this book did too me.
This book was breathtaking. I could not put the book down. Chance Carter has away with words that I can not explain. You are drawn into his books right away. Almost, like falling into a rabbit hole and ending up in the book. You feel as if you are sitting in a room and be spoken too. Chance Carter did this to me in Lumber Jacked.
Autumn this young woman who would do ANYTHING to help her sick mother is innocent and beautiful inside and out working at a hotel in the middle of Montana. Her employers are very shady and right away you feel this in your gut.
The day Autumn gets to her job, Grady and his six-month old Destiny get a room at this hotel. Right away there is a connection between Grady and Autumn and a bond between Autumn and Destiny.
I found myself smiling and even blushing while reading of the interaction between Grady and Autumn and felt my heart swell with Autumns caring for Destiny.
Grady has had his heart broken and is amazed about what he feels for Autumn. Autumn has never had a relationship with a boy and now she has this deep feeling of safety and something deeper inside for Grady.
I don’t ever give out spoilers in my reviews and I’m scared I have given more than I usually do. Grady, Destiny and Autumns “journey” is a beautiful exploration of one another lives. A wonderful story of finding, understand and exploring something that they themselves never thought they would ever have.
Thank you Chance for such a wonderful book.