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Jade is a ten thousand year old vampire whose life was shattered by a curse from the Fates and a brother who took their words seriously. In an instant the lives of his friends and family were jeopardized and ruined. His twin brother, Corbin, took away the only girl that Jade ever loved, his fiancée Eliza. After her death, Jade turned away from humans and turned toward revenge.

When Jade has a vision of the girl around the corner dying in the hands of his brother, he has only two choices: save her, or let her turn rogue and ruin the world forever.

Will he save her or will he let the world burn?


Sypher, Hades’ only son, was outcast by his mother and forced to live life as a human until his village was taken over by a slew of vampires and his best friend’s twin brother who turned rogue.

If that wasn’t enough, in the year 1920 he finally found love and the girl disappeared only for him to find a letter written by her that disclosed that she had a son.

In 2015, he finally sets out to find the family he has never known only to have to relive the horrors of his past.

Will he be able to rectify the wrong that has been done? Or will his family shun him yet again?


Business magnate William Stonewell has everything a man could want: a thriving business, loads of money, and cars that are the envy of his friends. The only thing that’s missing is a woman to share his life with. Someone he can love. The only problem is that he’s just not very good at approaching women.

Alexandra Tyler is a bit of a free spirit. She loves her life and lives every day to the fullest; however, she finds herself longing to be loved and to love someone in return. Her co-workers laugh at the fact that she is still a virgin, but she doesn’t care. She knows that she will only give it up to the man she will marry someday, and not before.

One night out on the town changes the course of their lives. William never imagined that meeting someone in a bar could result in such temptation, but there is just something about Alexandra that gets to him. With sparks flying all around them, William is intrigued to see where this could go. Stepping out of his comfort zone, he pursues Alexandra ruthlessly. In his quest for love he realizes that she is one of his employees, and that is a line he has never crossed before. But he wants to cross it now. Badly.

Will William and Alexandra give in to their forbidden lust? Or will that lust turn fatal?


Lorraine is stuck in the worst imaginable position, an emotionally abusive relationship and a man who loves her more than he loves himself.

Kael has never felt for anyone the way that he feels for Lorraine. Knowing everything that he knows about her soul-sucking past, he strives to help her and love her in a way that she has never been loved before.

This is a novelette about Lorraine’s journey, about how she realizes that she deserves much more than what she is getting.

This is a novelette about her journey, about how she realizes that she deserves much more than what she is getting.