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Try out the The Beast And Me series with 7! parts, the 6th is going to be released on Februrary 3rd!

Meg was abducted. For four days she had nothing to keep herself sane, until she promised to be obedient. In return, she received a diary, not knowing which terrors she would be writing down soon.
Because Meg has been taken to this unknown place for one purpose only: to support her abductors in ‘socializing’ one of their subjects.
Ten, as they call him, seems to be far more than a primitive beast, fighting battles of his very own. Meg soon realizes that she is the only one able to tame him. And that, apparently, is the sole reason she is more or less treated as a human being.
As Ten’s humanity resurfaces Meg has to accept the truth that the real beasts aren’t behind bars.
This is Meg’s diary. Will you read it?

This story is written in diary format and vaguely inspired by Beauty and the Beast and is part one of an unfinished series.

Warning: This book is not suited for minors or the faint hearted. It contains dark themes such as abuse and forms of psychological torture.