My Review of Love in Washington (American Boyfriend Book 2) by Chance Carter



A Quick Read to Leave you Breathless!
Welcome to the US naval base at Everett, Washington. A place where sailors come for well earned shore leave. Today, an officer named Bryon Barr steps ashore, but he’s not here to party. He’s here to pay his respects for a crew mate he lost a long time ago, a man he can’t forget. When he meets a mysteriously beautiful girl, he starts to wonder if something mystical is going on. Has his old friend brought him here for a reason? Is he about to find the love, the passion, that he’s been craving so long? Are you the girl he’s been seeking, and will you surrender your body to his passion?

The American Boyfriend Series
Each week, I’m going to bring you a sinfully delicious new Book Boyfriend!
In the time it takes to read twenty pages, I promise to get you all worked up!
You become the saucy, feisty girl in each story. Feel what she feels. Taste what she tastes. Do who she does!
This series puts you in the heart of the action, in the heat of the moment, and in the arms of a man who knows exactly what to do with you!

Each story will take place in a different State. If you have any requests or ideas please message me on the Chance Carter Romance Facebook page. I’ll be there every day to listen to you and take note of your wonderfully naughty suggestions. 


I do not share any spoilers in my reviews. I read this short book in an hour and a half.

I did not read part 1 in the series not because I didn’t think I liked it but because of personal reasons.

This book made my heart ache because of what Byron is going through. What’s amazing he made me feel as if I was the one he wanted. The one he was wanting and loving.

Once again Chance has opened my heart to his books again. I love his writing!!!
Thanks again❤



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