My Review of GRACE AND MERCY by Chance Carter



I’m looking for trouble … and I think I found her!
I’m Hollywood’s hottest bad boy. I have no trouble getting girls to drop their panties … and that’s the problem. When you’re looking for the thrill of the chase, it’s no fun when they just jump in your lap. I’m past looking for a quick lay. Give me a challenge.
Give me a real woman. A woman who knows who she is. A woman who knows what she wants.
And that’s where Reagan steps in. She’s no pushover. She knows how to take a man to the very limits of pleasure. She knows how to rock me to my core.
She’s like no woman I’ve ever met.
And I want her to be mine.
She thinks she knows what it’s like to be on top?
Wait until I show her!
This kinky romance contains a HEA, a satisfying climax and epilogue, and a bonus novel.


Bravo Chance for writing another awesome book!!!! I do not put spoilers in any of my reviews.
I Loved Ethan and Reagan. Their chemistry, their relationship, and their kink!!!
I was drawn into this book fast and read it quickly. The way Chance writes just draws you in. You feel every emotion to the core.
I have know become a fan of his writing and probably always will!!!
Thank you for such a great read!!



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